Sunday, July 29, 2018

Monologue Mania Day # 1626 Left In by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 30, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1626 Left In by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 30, 2018
                                     Left In
                      a monologue  by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018
               all rights reserved

       (A teenage girl skateboards onstage, pulls up professionally, smiling)

Thank you, it is fun to win!


Good question.....did I ever feel left out.......I think feeling left out is why I started skating....I mean I wanted to be part of something.  In school, I don't do great, and the other girls, well, I'm not into clothes......but here's why I got to be good at this, it was all because.... I was afraid!

I went down to the skate park, and it was all guys, and that wasn't so bad, except they were all good, I mean, not great, but they were all better than me!  Even the little kids!

And there was one fat guy, he was awesome!  His transitions were perfect, and I couldn't stop watching him! 

How could I ever catch up, learn all that......I mean, I know it takes practice, but I didn't want anyone to laugh at me......So I watched.....and then I thought, well, he makes it look easy, so I slipped in and wow!  I'll never forget that drop! 

And I did some pop shove-it, then  fakie front side, but after I did a bunch.....I realized.....I couldn't get out of  the pit!  I was scared! and so I just stayed in....for like, hours, and I watched them and I learned......sometimes, being left almost as scary as being left out!

       (She turns to leave, does a trick and then stops, looks back)

But hey, as long as you don't have two left feet, you do okay.....

        (She skates out)


For those who let me know that July 29th was International Tiger Day - sorry I missed the excitement, but as a Tiger - I'm glad others are helping me and my family not be extinct!  
Will do a monologue for next year - thanks for reading!


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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

She sounds like me when I was young--so fun to compete with the guys!