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Monologue Mania Day # 1603 The Glue of Loneliness (for Donut Shop Diaries )by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 7, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1603 The Glue of Loneliness (for Donut Shop Diaries )by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 7, 2018    

                        The Glue of Loneliness                                                (version 2- version 1 is July 5, 2014)                                                                
                                                            by Janet S. Tiger                                               (c) July 7 , 2014 all rights reserved                                                

             (The pixie-like character from the opening comes back onstage, smiling)

What a microcosm of life!  Food, fighting, friendship, insanity!  All in one area, like a painting of humanity!

                  (Waves hands)

And  all drawn together by a force that is possibly the strongest in all the world - stronger than the bonds of atoms, stronger than the sun's rays, stronger than.....

...oh, I can't think of a good phrase!  How irritating!  But you know what I mean!  It's damn strong!

  It's so hard to have a Shakespearian moment without the verbiage!

I guess...I was just saying that they are all here because of ......(big)  ......the glue of loneliness!

There, I said it, and everyone knows it's true.  We are all here alone, together, and that's what attracts us to places like this.  Donut shops.  Coffee shops.  Places where we can sit and eat together and talk.  And watch our fellow humans.  Get to know them.  Or not.  Interact with them.....or just watch as outsiders.

Our inherent aloneness.........we are tiny, and the world is big, but together.....together.......we are bigger than any one of us.

And that is the message for today, my friends.

The glue that pulls us together, the force that makes us want to eat sugary, flour-y, often stale, never for good health items which make us fat and diabetic...all washed down by caffeinated beverages designed to damage our hearts and brains......the very essence of what makes us human.  

Loneliness.  We hate to be alone.  We dread it, we avoid it, we tell others we want to be alone, but we lie.  Every one of us is afraid of dying alone, and so we seek each other out, and we sit and blither on, and write plays and books and all types of songs, but all we really each other.

So........come back soon to our little Donut World......we look forward to seeing you again.  We welcome longer a stranger.....come back friends......

            (The pixie exits as the stage lights dim to a single spot that looks remarkably like....a donut.  The end.)

first posted  Day #145   by Janet S. Tiger The Glue of Loneliness (version 2)  (c) July 7, 2014 

Note-  I may prefer this to end the play, or a combo of the two, we'll see.......

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