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Monologue Mania Day # 1620 Pranks by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 24, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1620 Pranks by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 24, 2018

                           A scene from a play (coming soon!) by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018
               all rights reserved

            (Vicky, 60s, still looks good, is putting on make-up at a dressing table.  Anita, also in 60s,  also still looking good, comes to door, looks in, shakes head)

ANITA -  Amazing!

VICKY -  (Primping)  Glad you finally acknowledge that!

ANITA-  It’s not a compliment.  I mean……Amazing as in…  amazing, you pulled 
         off the perfect crime!

VICKY-  Me?  I recall you were the one who pulled the prank!  You were the one always pulling pranks! 

ANITA-  (Sputtering) But you knew what the prank was!  You knew I was going to …loosen her up, spike her punch, add alcohol  ….but you knew that the alcohol and that medication she took would be deadly, and it was.

VICKY-  What are you talking about?  I don't remember you telling me - 

ANITA- (Horrified) You were the one who ....suggested it to me!

VICKY-  Now you're just talking crazy.......pranks are something every cast             does.....and if there's
a cast member who's allergic to peanuts, no one pranks that......who could have known she was going to have a severe allergic reaction.....

ANITA-  You would....because you'd been there before....all those years ago....

VICKY- years ago?  I can barely remember my lines!  Let alone ANITA0 minutes ago!  You are barking up the wrong tree!And I do mean barking because you are a bitch, dear.  And that's no joke!

ANITA- Insulting me will not change the truth!

VICKY – Oh, but insulting you so much fun!

ANITA - I'll prove it!  I don't know how, but I will!  

VICKY-  You just want a scapegoat, because you were the one who did the whole thing - and now you have to pay.  And since you are probably recording this,  I will add…(sinister) what if what you did was NOT a prank - what meant to kill?

ANITA-  Stop that!  Don\t say something so horrible!  You know I would never kill anyone!

VICKY-  Do I know that?  Looks like you did kill…by accident of course….and oh how well you cried at the inquest!  , and  because it was a "prank" you got off easy...what was it a suspended sentence?.....

ANITA- Got off?  I have guilt that will last me until I die!

VICKY-  An added bonus!

ANITA-  (Sputtering)  I'll figure out something ......maybe something that will look
like you've had an accident!

VICKY-  Do you really think it's wise to say this on your tape?  And by the way, weren't you supposed to have told me you were recording?

ANITA- You'll see...Two can play at this game!  

VICKY-  Really?  So you think you're playing?  I'd already lost.....

         (Anita storms out.  Vicky smiles and keeps putting on her make-up.  End of scene)
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