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Monologue Mania Day # 1535 Three Curtains by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 30, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1535 Three Curtains by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 30, 2018     

                                         Three Curtains
                                             by Janet S. Tiger
                                          (c) June 6, 2014 all rights reserved

                  (A man runs onstage, he is happy, cheerful, waving at the audience.  He is a host of a popular game show, and he is perfect for the part, including a top hat and sweeping cape.   He raises his hands to stop the applause.)

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  What a great audience!  I just love how you are all so enthusiastic!

We are here tonight to offer another lucky person a chance to choose from the.......
(makes it big)  Three Curtains!

Cue our music, please.....

               (He steps aside and looks back to see what is being projected.)

Wow!  Look at the amazing curtains we have tonight!

             (He points at the projection)

Behind one curtain is a luxurious home, yes, folks, it is on the market for one million dollars!  It may be out of your price range, and you might have to skimp on things like gas and electric and food some weeks, but don't worry, that's why you're here on Three Curtains!

And now for curtain number two - a beautiful, affordable home, but it does have a few, expensive, mystery problems!  Perhaps a slab leak which has created debilitating mold....or a sexual predator down the street....or maybe even a secret buried nuclear waste dump!

Tough choices, right?  

Wait until we get to curtain it is.......a cardboard box!  Yes, that's right, our lucky family tonight might go home to a mansion, or be dumped off right at the dump! Complete with a cardboard box.  A SOGGY cardboard box!   That's why we say....Curtains to you!  Three curtains!  Who knows which prize is behind which decision you make!  You think you might know, you can guess, or ask a friend, but the choice is choose wisely.  

             (He comes to the front of the stage, points into the audience.)

And to help you decide, we have special credit cards! 

            (He hands some out.)

Use them to go on fancy vacations, and get new cars, too!  Whatever your little hearts desire!  If you pay them off, no problem......but if you don't......

            (He turns around, has taken off his hat to reveal Devil's ears.'s straight to curtain three!

I just love this game....

Which way will you go?  Where will you lead your family?  My tonight.....the curtain they pick, may be the pick.  And now for my favorite advertisement!

             (He turns to go, removes his cape to reveal a tail, he looks back.)

Stick around for the end, folks, it's absolutely.....heavenly!   
             (He laughs as he exits - but he will return.  sorry, can't resist - but I call this...Devil's food for thought)

First posted Day #116   Three Curtains  (c) June 8, 2014

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