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Monologue Mania Day # 1524 After the Horse by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 19, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1524 After the Horse by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 19, 2018                              
     This is actually the very rough beginning of an idea for a movie or possibly a TV series., still working on names. (It is two pieces from earlier days -  Days # 697 and  #718.

                                         After the Horse

                                                         by Janet S. Tiger
                                                © 2018 all rights reserved

(Opening scenes are in a small town hospital, a young person is being rushed into the emergency room.  This is intercut with a meeting in a big city, the signs indicate a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, and as people speak, the young person in the hospital is being treated.  One woman in her late 50s is watching, it is hard for her to listen.  A man sits next to her and touches her arm.  As the young person in the hospital dies and is covered, the woman stands and goes to the front to speak.)

SHARON -  My name is Sharon.......and I am not an addict.

Why am I here, then? all know someone I love.

You see, once I was young like most of you are now.  I went to college, was quiet, didn't have a lot of friends.  But one guy in the dorm, he was nice.   I was broke, so I appreciated going out for pizza, a burger..... it was good to have a friend.

        (As she speaks, we see the images of the past unfolding)

It was my last semester......I had so much debt from loans, and my folks weren't rich, so I couldn't run and visit them a lot, and it was before cell phones, so I was those days we called it 'bummed out'.....and he took me out to get something to eat....nothing fancy, but I was crying and he offered me a chance make some money.

At first I was insulted because I thought it was some type of prostitution, and I got up to leave and he stopped me, told was easy.  All I had to do was drive home and visit my parents.  But before I got to their house, I had to stop at some place, a nice place, in Beverly Hills, and just go park my car in a certain spot, and go eat dinner.  He gave me money for that, too.

I didn't have to touch the stuff.  It would be put onto my car, and removed without me ever seeing it.  Easy.  Simple.  If anything happened, I could even claim I didn't know it was there.  But nothing was gonna happen, he guaranteed it......and I needed that money so bad.....$5000.......that was a lot of money then.....and I couldn't believe it when I said...'yes'......but I did.

And for the rest of the semester, I visited my parents more often.

I was would I explain the money?  He taught me what to do.  The lottery would do it for a bit - my folks were upset that I wasted money on something so....what was the word they used.....frivolous!  I didn't claim I hit the big win....just a few hundred, enough to explain away the trips.

And the rest, he showed me how to open accounts and when I started working, I would visit casinos, claim I won at the blackjack tables.....never too much.  Sometimes I would lose to make it look normal.  I hated it, but it was...really good money.  I did it for just that semester.. ..and that money paid off my loans, and gave me enough to get started.....clean.

My job paid well, so I could afford a good accountant.....I got one that was not involved with my friend.....a nice man who was very impressed that I was...(laughs) honest.

He told me, that in 27 years,  he'd (in a man's voice) .... 'never had anyone volunteer to pay taxes on gambling or lottery wins....ever!'.......he was so impressed, he introduced me to his son......also an accountant.....a nice guy, an honest guy......and we got married.  ....I never thought much about ...that friend always's just a business....we were supplying a need.....very much part of the capitalist system.......

       (She stops, it is hard for her, we see the story in flashback as she tells it)

The years go by fast......I never got even one parking ticket.....ever.......Our son was a born athlete.....and great with computers, too......he had a lot of soccer, baseball......then my husband's company downsized, and we had to the middle of the year, so no teams......and my teenage son was lost....until he made....a friend......

(Sighs)  Had they used pot, I would've smelled it.....but my son's new friend started him on meth, and suddenly my son had energy, he got involved, seemed first.....then, to calm him down.... came the heroin......I should've known when they played the song from my youth....'horse with no name'......

So here I am, tonight, to let you know my beautiful boy ......your friend who came here.....he just died yesterday ....not an overdose, but an infection his 28 year old body was too damaged to fight he left me on a horse with a name.....and now...... I have no one to give me pain, because I have all the pain I need, right now.....

Was this divine retribution?  God's paying me back?  I don't know......

         (She turns to leave, stops, looks back, shakes head)

I's like my mother always said....after the horse is out of the barn.....

          (Chokes back tears and we see her going to a coffee shop with one of the other members of the group.  This is a man who knows what he wants.  In his late forties, early fifties -not young anymore, but still able, still virile, still very dangerous.  They sit to have coffee.)

HIM - That was good coffee.

      (Puts down a cup, raises his hand)

HIM - How about a walk?  It's a nice day, and the river is pretty this time of day, with the sun setting.

I imagine you are wondering why I asked you out.....I mean, there is a bit of an age difference, but you are a widow.....three months is it?  Yes, I know you never mentioned that....but I you do I know?  That's what this walk is for....

You see, I go to these Narcotics Anonymous meetings to meet people just like you.....and I am going to make you a proposition.....we'll start going out, have a visible affair.....which can be physical, if you want, but my superiors usually prefer that not develop.....we can discuss that later......anyhow, after a few torrid months, I will dump you, very visibly, and miserably for a younger woman, and you will be devastated and move to a small town where you know no one....except maybe years ago a distant relative.....but that can be worked out......

Sound like an interesting scenario?  I hope so.....that stunned look on your face is probably because I didn't groom you as well as your college boss did.....the one who convinced you to go against most if not all of your moral and ethical training to become a mule......

Here.....does this look familiar?

        (He holds open a paper, looks at her reaction and nods)

Yes, he was older in this, he lasted awhile in this business......not an easy task....

        (Puts away the paper- we see his version of the story, which is darker)

He took his time, maybe a couple, three semesters, .it was comfortable, he was a friend who had money when you didn' pressure for sex, you liked that.....he was.....a friend......and he made it look so.....easy.  One visit your family......and you got a nice big stack of twenty dollar then....just one more trip...... could pretend you didn't know what was going on.....but you didn't have to worry, it was ...just a few weeks, months....and you were through......finished with school, finished with him.........

You probably never realized......if he had wanted, you would never have been finished with him.......he had his claws in you for blackmail for the rest of your life......but he plenty of other fish to to speak.......and you moved away, and you got married....had a son......and don't have the son.....or the husband......and you wonder, when you can't sleep without a good shot of that vodka.......if something you smuggled made someone else's son die.......

      (He takes out a kleenex)

Go ahead, let it out.....until that meeting, you haven't told anyone any of this in many years?  Thirty?  Did you ever tell your husband?  Or was it of the secrets you still held close.....we all have them.......

SHARON -  (Upset)  Why.....why now?

HIM - Good question....why am I telling you this now?  Here's the're not twenty anymore, and I don't have the time to groom you......I barely have time to do the fake affair....because I need someone the town where you will go......there are three teenagers dead.....

     (He is affected by this)

.....and an estimate that half the youth population is using meth.....and a new kind of spice that you can't get at Walmart......and because it's a small town.....a stranger sticks out....except one who had an aunt who lived - and died - there years you won't be a stranger for long......and yes, if your next question is how dangerous is it?  It is......everything you see on TV and worse......but here's the big question.....what exactly are you living for now?

      (He stops, watches, looks at his watch)

So, you've heard the pitch......I'm gonna turn here, at this fork in the road, and it's your choice follow me, you grab my're in.....(slight touch of sarcasm).....a somewhat less-than-new recruit in the war against drugs....

       (He turns to leave, stops, looks back)

And I think that, I sincerely hope that....after what you've been through,  this want to be sitting on....the other side of the table.....

       (End of scene- as she reaches out for his arm)


The song by America 'Horse with No Name' was thought to be about heroin use, as 'horse' is a slang term for heroin - full lyrics here-  and the song here

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