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Monologue Mania Day # 1514 Counted (opening scene) by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 9, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1514  Counted(opening scene)  by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 9, 2018                                         

                                                         by Janet S. Tiger
                                                © 2018 all rights reserved

        (The set is universal, very simple.  Depending on the cast, different flags can be displayed - with at least one American flag, one flag from Mexico/South America and Europe.  Before the start of the play, a very faint drumbeat can be heard.  As the house lights dim, the beat gets louder, and numbers are heard as the different actors come onstage and say their numbers -social security, birthday, the numbers themselves are not the issue, but they should be personal.  As the drumbeats get louder and more insistent, the actors enter and leave the stage, with different costumes.  But always with a new number as they stand and turn their backs to the audience before leaving.
        One younger woman is seen walking throughout the others, trying to write down all the numbers.  She chases after one of the actors as the other actors leave and the stage darkens. The sounds of the numbers and the drums become more like rain, softer, then harder, in the darkness, it becomes hard to hear the numbers, and there is a flash of lightning and we see a man running through the audience, carrying a body.  He is wet and frightened.  He comes onstage and knocks on where there is now a  door of the home of Alejandra - see Day # 1510  - very basic, a couch, table, lamp.
Alejandra comes out of a bedroom putting on a bathrobe.  She is awake now and worried)

ALEJANDRA-  Mi hija!  Did you forget your key?  What time is it?  I thought you wouldn't be home until tomorrow!

       (She opens the door and looks at the man, taking a deep breath)

ALEJANDRA -  Roberto?  Is it you?

        (He nods and almost stumbles as he comes in)

ALEJANDRA -  (Worried)  Come in, make yourself at she all right?

ROBERTO -  She's just sleeping, do you have a bed....

         (She takes him to one of the rooms and watches as he puts the body into a bed.  She is now annoyed)

ALEJANDRA -  I don't know what's wrong with me!  I can't let you stay here!

          (Roberto comes out with a wet coat, Alejandra takes it and hangs it as Roberto goes to sit on the couch.  She stops him and first puts down a towel she has grabbed from a closet)

ALEJANDRA - Wait!  Sit on this!  You look like a wet dog!  (Sniffs)  And you smell a little like one!

ROBERTO -  You and mama!  Always with the towels!

ALEJANDRA -  If you don't like the towel, maybe you prefer sleeping outside in the rain - without a towel.

ROBERTO -  Ali, please, I'm so tired, maybe we can argue in the morning when we have more energy.

ALEJANDRA -  Who's the little girl?

ROBERTO - She's not so little anymore...that's Gabriela....

ALEJANDRA - But she's only....

ROBERTO -  Only 13 now.....

ALEJANDRA -  Oh, madre mia!  Has it been eight years?

         (There is a noise outside and we see Josefina, a neighbor, at the front door)

JOSEFINA - Is everything all right?  I saw someone outside, looked like he was trying to break in, should I call the police?

ALEJANDRA -  No!  everything's fine!

JOSEFINA -  Are you sure?  I see on TV they can hold a knife to your head and you have to say everything is ok....

          (Alejandra indicates Roberto is to go into another room, and she throws the towel after him, then goes to the front door)

ALEJANDRA -  It's ok!  I think you watch too much TV!

          (She opens the door and Josefina comes in, a little damp, but very observant.)


ALEJANDRA -  Nobody with a knife, nobody with a gun, just me and you!

JOSEFINA -  Where's Carolina?

ALEJANDRA -  You know she's on that senior class trip.....she won't be back until tomorrow night......

             (Josefina is looking around to see if anything is out of place.)

JOSEFINA - Alejandra!  I know what I saw!  You can pretend, but I know....So, what's going on?

 ALEJANDRA -  What are you now?  One of those detectives from TV?

             (Josefina notices the wet jacket, looks at Alejandra, who now backs down.)

JOSEFINA - What's going on?

ALEJANDRA -  (Not so sure)  Nothing.

           (Josefina looks and shakes her head)

JOSEFINA -  I know what nothing means.....this nothing is nothing but trouble.....

          (Josefina leaves and Alejandra watches, then shuts the door.  Lights dim.  End of scene)

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