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Monologue Mania Day # 1411 Volunteer by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 25 , 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1411 Volunteer by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 25 , 2017    
                                           a monologue by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2017

            (A woman in her 50s comes onstage, she is smiling)

Why am I a volunteer?


My family always volunteered!

My mother, my grandmother, I am just one of a long line of volunteers.  I would go with my mother when she took food to new immigrants....and when I visited my grandparents, my grandmother told me HER grandmother was a volunteer .....with Moses!  When he brought down the 10 Commandments,she typed them up........

Me, I loved computers from when my children first got them, I wanted to use them when I volunteered.

So, when JFS came into the modern era, I knew I could help with  email!  

Now, we get thousands of emails a year - for assistance in so many ways....from so many different types of's one.....

       (Holds up her phone)

....Our family needs a place to stay, can you help us?

or....  'we are having trouble with my uncle who lives with us, he forgets to take his medication, and we are worried......'

or....this is my favorite....

What can I do to help?  ,  I'm only 15......I'm only one person

That one is my favorite because - our whole organization started with one a time......the jolly 16 was 16 women, added one at a time..

One is a very powerful number!

Each person, each volunteer, each donor, each recipient of our help - is one person.  And by helping, one person can change the world!

       (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

So......when you help one person, it's like saving the whole world......

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