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Monologue Mania Day # 1410 Christmas Evie by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 24 , 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1410  Christmas Evie by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 24 , 2017                                      
                                               Christmas Evie
                                            (for Caregivers Anonymous) 
                                       ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

            (A middle-aged Asian woman enters, she is carrying a big tray of donuts.  She smiles, hands them out.)

Sorry couldn't be here on time for party, but wanted everyone to know that I love everyone here!

Here, take two, take some home!

           (Listens, nods)

New people!  Sure, tell story!  Love to tell story about Christmas!

Is story about my donut shop, and customer who very strange.  Story starts twenty years ago, when I first buy shop from Mr. Cho, who was going back to live in Cambodia.  Have no idea why.  Cambodia not as good as here.  But he was selling, and my husband and me, we buy, because we not want to have cleaning business anymore.  Too hard driving around, cleaning up other people mess.  Stay in one place, better.

So my husband do baking at night, I in store during day, no business.  See story on news about lady, Mrs. Field, who give away cookies, make lotsa money.  My husband laugh, say stupid idea, give away food, no money!  I say, but people like food, they buy, so I decide to try.  Not tell him, he would say no, he stupid sometimes, good man, but not like to try new idea.  I say, why come to new country and not try new idea?

So I look at people coming by, who will I give free donut to?  Who look like they might want donut?  Hard to decide.  Day go by, hard to figure out.  Then I see lady who go by every day.  She checker at Von's, I know because I sometimes buy things at Von's, go through her line.  She got hard eye, but sometimes, other worker there say something, she laugh big, so I know maybe inside, she not so bad.

Also, I notice, when she walk by, she look in window.  So that day, I see her coming, I make decision.  Which donut good for her?  Which one will she like?  She no look like chocolate lover, she look like....caramel I take one from display, put it in wax paper, and as she go by, I say to her,  'Merry Christmas' because it was Christmas time, and I know everyone love Christmas here.

She look at me funny, and I say, real quick, 'no pay, gift, for holiday.'

She was surprise, and take bite, her whole face changed.  Like a happy face for a minute, then she back to herself, stone face.

'Thank you' she say to me, 'maybe I come back get some'  'Thank you,'I say' you have nice day.  I hear people say that all time, so I say, too.

She go away, but then every day, she come back and get donut.  Only 25 cent back then for one donut, not expensive.  We no talk, she not like some customers who stay for long time, tell me silly story and think I understand, I just nod and say, 'oh, very interesting' when they take breath.  I pray for more customer so I don't have to listen.

But this lady, she never say anything, except one day, when price go up to thirty-five cent, and I tell her, she look at me and say, 'oh' and then she ask my name.  My name is long, so I just tell her, 'Sue' my name Sue.  She not tell her name, I don't care, not remember anyhow, too many names to remember.

Year go by, many year.  Donut cost fifty cent, she make face, then seventy-five cent, make another face, now donut is 95 cent, plus tax.....she not happy, but every day, I make sure she get her donut.  I watch for her, make sure that donut is right off rack, nice and warm, in front of window where she can see....she cannot resist! (Giggles)  She start to get little heavy, I know she blame donut, but one donut a day not problem!   (Giggles)  I can see she still mad, other customer say she call me devil, but I don't care.  I figure out, she buy one donut every day for 20 year, good customer, no matter what she say!

          (She wipes her hands on her apron.  This is hard to remember)

Then, three year ago, Christmas Eve, very bad day for me.  Husband yell in morning, we usually not fight, but he drop big tray of donuts, hit head, yell at me, like my fault!  I mad at him, we yell, still mad when he go home.  Then I get call from daughter....

           (She puts a hand to one ear like a phone, stops, takes deep breath)

Not good, husband in hospital, going to surgery!  Can't move legs!  Bad, very bad!

           (She puts down phone, whirls around)

What can I do?  I cannot close shop and go to hospital - machines are on, ovens on, making lots of donuts for Christmas, big day for donuts!  Give donuts to church for poor people dinner!  What can I do?  I have to stay until Eddie come, he man who finish donuts when I leave.  Cannot reach Eddie!  Christmas Eve!  Am very upset!  And then....

           (She turns and sees someone!)

Glaze caramel lady.....

           (Talks to her)

Sorry, cannot help today, husband sick!

And I tell her what happening and something strange happen.....she hugs me....

          (She puts her arms around herself, remembering)

No customer ever hug me, I always covered in flour....but she hug me and she say,  I know about sick husband, you go to hospital, I stay here, watch for Eddie.  You go, take care of husband....

I was, how you say...stunned!  But you don't have to help customers.....I tell her and she say, I can figure out how to work register, been checker twenty-five years!  And I know your donuts.....

         (She pats her hip)

And she pat hip and we both laugh.    And I say, but how can I pay you?  Then she say,  you don't have to pay don't have to pay friend.

How do you like that?  I have friend, not even know it.  I tell her, at least, have your favorite donut - no charge, after twenty year, take whole tray! 

So I show her how to open cash register, and I give her my phone number and take her number and then I realize, I do not know her name!  What your name? I ask, and she say, (imitates)  My name is Ev-e-lyn, but my friends call me...Evie, like Christmas Eve......

          (She takes apron, wipes eyes)

So that story.  Good story for Christmas, right? Got to go now, lots to do for Christmas.....

           (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

And other end to story, Evie retire from Von's last year, now guess where she work? You got it!  She work in Donut Shop, so I can take care of husband.......and best thing, she can have all donut she want!  And she still call me devil, I laugh, say, have another friend.....

            (She exits)

(Merry Christmas to all and to all a good bite....of a donut!)


  First posted - Day #314 by Janet S. Tiger  Christmas Evie  Dec. 23, 2014 
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