Monday, May 30, 2016

Monologue Mania Day #838 Thank you Janet S. Tiger (c) May 30, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #838 Thank you Janet S. Tiger (c) May 30,  2016
For Memorial Day Memories please see Day # 836 - for all those who gave all we say a big thank you for your sacrifice so that we may live in freedom!

                         Thank you note.....
                                      by Janet S. Tiger 
                                       (c) May 22, 2016     all rights reserved

         (The writer - that's me! - comes onstage.)

This is a thank you note to people I never met.....only know about through my father's stories.

He grew up in a neighborhood, in the days before World War II, where friendships lasted lifetimes.   When my father and his friends enlisted, they were the ones sent onto the beaches, into the air and the trenches to fight to save people they didn't know.

And some did not come back.  Out of his twelve closest buddies, nine returned.
I thank them for their service, and for the service and sacrifice of all those across all these many years who gave - and will give - their lives so that I can sit with my dad and have a delicious hot dog and some fried chicken on Memorial Day.

And I thank my father for giving part of his life, part of his youth, during those difficult times.  And I thank him for sharing the stories of those who are not around to share our bounty.

On this Memorial Day, and on all days, rest in peace.

        (The writer more words for now.)


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