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Monologue Mania Day #837 Bubble Theory by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 29, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #837  Bubble Theory by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 29,  2016
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                           Bubble Theory
                                      by Janet S. Tiger 
                                       (c) May 22, 2016     all rights reserved
            (Man comes onstage with a jar of bubbles, blows some, watches them float, then pops them)

I'm proud of you son... and I know you wanna go off and celebrate with your friends, but I just wanted to....tell you I'm proud of you.

I wish my dad could've been around for this, he woulda been proud too graduated good, top of your class.....

And the fact you chose science....physics, well, that means a lot, too, not just because I always wished I coulda gone to college, but, I think that.....maybe .....I're gonna build on the foundation I made......

Maybe I told you this before....when you were a kid, but maybe you're old enough now to understand  what my dad taught me, a long time ago.  You remember?  After the divorce, I'd see him every other weekend, he'd drive in from the town he'd moved to, and my mom saw him sleeping in the car so she'd let him stay in the garage.

He didn't have a lotta money those first few years, so we'd just hang out together, go to the park, to the ball.  Simple stuff.

One day I brought along a jar of bubbles someone gave me....

       (Holds up the jar)

Kinda like this.

And we had a lotta fun, blowing bubbles, jumping up to pop them.....

And then he asked me to blow as many as I could.....and we put them together and he said to can have fun with bubbles.....but make sure your dreams are not just ....bubble mountains.....because look what happens....

And he stepped on the pile of bubbles and it was gone.  Then he picked up some dirt from the park.  And he let it drizzle on the ground and he stepped on it, hard, there was the print of his boot.

(His father's voice)  'Make your dreams from something solid, so when people stry to tep on your dreams, it can never destroy them, but it can make a stronger foundation for when you build something......'.

He would pick up the earth and shaped it ...sometimes a ball, other times a box.........and I understood.  He was a builder.....our family had been Masons for centuries....and he was telling me something that has lasted me a lifetime.....which is why I am passing it on to you.....

        (He hands the bottle over.... listens)

Yeah, I guess I did learn about the bubbles, too, which is why I went into building houses that we could set up fast, by inflating the walls from the bubbles....... Bubble theory - I hear that in physics they have a bubble theory, too, but it's a different kind of bubble.....a bubble of universes....a bubble that can't burst...

       (He turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Congratulations son.....

     (He exits, bursting with pride)


for anyone interested in bubble theory - both real and physics! -


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