Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Monologue Mania Day #826 No More CW Post by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 18, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #826 No More CW Post by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 18,  2016

                                          No More CW Post
                      A monologue by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2016 all rights reserved

         (The actor enters, an empty cereal bowl in hands)

Please, sir.....may I have some more.......some more....CW Post?

         (Looks around, shakes head)

No, it's not a take off on Oliver's a real life lesson from my real's a sad story, the story of when something ends.

Of course, not everyone understands.  Those who have loved and always won, those who have never cared which toothpaste they used..........those people will never know what it means to be more....

In my case, I loved CW Post.  The only cereal I can ever truly say that about.  The others I tolerated - the solid Cheerios...ok, the effervescent Rice Krispies.....nice with the snap, crackle and pop.....the ever tooth aching sugary Captain Crunch......but for true was CW Post......sturdy, but with crunch, sweet but also nutty......

When they discontinued it.....I cried.  I had a friend in New Orleans send me boxes until.......there were no more even in the land of Mardi Gras.....

Any time I see an era end.....a relationship drizzle out.......someone I love die......I think of....CW Post.......

          (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

And.....I shed a silent tear......

           (Exits to a world without....)


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