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Monologue Mania Day #812 Paid (for CAREGIVERS ANONYMOUS) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 4, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #812  Paid (for CAREGIVERS ANONYMOUS) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 4,  2016

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                                          A monologue by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2016 all rights reserved

            (Woman in her sixties stands up, goes to the wheelchair and holds the handles, as if seeing someone in the chair, then looks at others)

Am I the only one here tonight who's a paid?

            (A couple of others raise their hands)

People think 'cause we're paid to care for someone, we don't really care, but that's not true......

I never had no grandparents, they was dead before I could remember ' didn't have a lot of experience with old folks.  The first lady I took care of, she was mean, no family left, no husband ever, no kids.....all her friends were dead.....and I don't think she had so many friends when they were alive!

But I took care of her for a coupla years......not easy.  I was workin' for the state then, had to take two buses to get to her....but they paid me, and I did it.  Maybe not as cheeful as I shoulda been, but always nice to her.....even when she wasn't real nice to me.   Then she started to get know what that means....

          (The others says...'oh, yeah!')

One day I come in, and she's lookin' through some old albums of her family, when she was a kid, and she was cryin'.....'What you cryin' about?' I asked her, and she looked at me and I still remember.....she said....'I'm starting to forget things....and when I forget.....there's no one left to remember ......and when I die.....there'll be no one left to'

And all of a sudden I saw what she was talkin' about....I mean, I got kids, so I don't think I'll ever be like her....but it was sad.....and I told her,'I'll write down your stories, and we can make a book' and she smiled, like the sun came out.

And we worked on that book of her life for the next few months, and she scraped together some money and we got it printed up nice, and I brought it to the library, to donate.  And she still had enough energy to go, and the people met her, and it was nice.

Two days after we was at library, I see her sittin' there lookin' out the window on her back yard, and she was smilin'......and when I came back with her coffee....she was her lap, was her book...

            (She reaches into her bag and brings out a book)

Still carry it with me.  (Reads)  The Life and Times of Edna May told to Jackie Bintowski...that's me in case you didn't guess.....and she signed me a little note....To,

            (She closes the book, puts it back in the bag)

And she left me what little she had....most important..... she left me her car, so I could drive to my next job, in a nicer neighborhood.....and that changed my life......but the thing one told me that it was gonna hurt so much when she a family member, almost.....the fact I got paid didn't mean nothin' still hurt....(sighs) still hurts.....

          (Lights down.  End of scene)


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Lenore Simon said...

Paid was a very touching commentary on a relationship between a care-giver and the person for whom he or she cared so devotedly. Thank you
for sharing your sensitive portrait in well chosen words.