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Monologue Mania Day #810 Day Job by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 2, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #810 Day Job by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 2,  2016                                                              
Day Job was awarded First Place in the 2016 Script Tease of New Plays  
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           This  monologue is taken from the one-act. 

                                                The Teacher's Side                                                  
                                                     (from Day Job)
                                A monologue by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2016 all rights reserved
      (Late night, an American college.  Teacher’s office, nicely done.  The teacher - British  -is
      grading papers, it's late, and a student has interrupted him.)

You say I don't remember your name, well that is correct.   But I do know who you're the young man in my 2 pm Tuesday and Thursday who sits in the back and is watching his phone throughout the class...

You, like most of the other students, believe that history is boring....well, don’t look now, but you are part of history.  Tonight is part of history. History from the past is the foundation of us now.  Do you look at the bottom of your house and say, I don't like the sand, the dirt, it's boring?  Do you say that?  Do you think that?  Or could it be that you don't think about anything at all!

You ask me who cares about foundations well,  I do.  Just as I care about the foundation of my home, whether my house will stand strong through storms and other trials, I care whether the foundation of my community, my soul,has those same strengths, whether or not we will survive the trials of this era, which are always many....

And yes, I do love to talk, have since I was a boy, that’s one reason I became a professor……but I also NEED to grade these papers, for the few attending who care what they get on their test, on their report cards, on their lives......

         (The teacher looks and puts down the pen)

If you plan on killing me, I can assure you, that will not improve your grade.
and if you intend to kill yourself....well, that is one way of avoiding the finals.

          (Listens, is surprised)

 That wasn't a joke.....I was agreeing with your plan to have this as your last test,although I would prefer you go elsewhere, as having to clean up the mess will involve delaying my finishing of the test grading......

          (Listens, tilts head)

Do I understand what is happening here?  Well, of course I do.  You are here to annoy me and I intend not to let you do it.  You ask what you're supposed to do, well,  what is it exactly that you want from me?  Sympathy?  A tear or two?  The begging for you not to kill yourself?  How would that help me or my life?  Do you think that teacher you hate the most in the class you hate the most...that I could in some way influence not kill yourself in a drunken stupor?  And that this convincing would have any positive outcome on the rest of your life?  

          (Getting annoyed)

In order for you to get past whatever stupid THING you are doing, you will need assistance, help from others who are capable and trained to help  and actually care what happens to you.  I don't.  I don’t care that is...except for you dripping blood all over, and the publicity, and the annoyance of the poilice and questions, that is what I care about - my life, not yours.  

         (He turns to leave, stops, looks back)

For if you don't care about your life, why should I?



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