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Monologue Mania Day # 716 You Were Right by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 28, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 716 by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 28, 2016 

                                                You Were Right!
                                    by Janet S. Tiger  © all rights reserved                                                                          

  (A middle-aged woman comes onstage, she is looking at some papers and shaking her head sadly)

Okay, Dad, I get it.  I got the lesson.  I know you think I never learn anything from you, that I don't listen - and maybe you've been right.  Maybe I shouldn't have married Toby.....but then of course I wouldn't have the grandchildren you love so much, so maybe that wasn't such a bad mistake.

But maybe I shouldn't have let Toby invest all our money in that crazy scheme - heated toilet seats for people who didn't want frozen hineys in the morning.

Okay, so life has been a struggle since then, and you've helped us - helped us a lot.  And you've taught me a lot about the stock market.  More than I could have learned in school, because you've had all these years of experience.

Maybe I didn't listen, but now I do, and I think it's time you listened to me.  You have lost lots of money because you are not following your own rules.  You are putting all your money into three stocks, not diversifying like you taught me.

You are buying at the high because someone told you it was a good idea!  A man on TV.  That crazy man who screams at people all day and makes millions on a TV show telling other suckers like you....I mean investors like you - how you should invest your hard-earned money!

(Getting louder)  And you listen to HIM!  Not to ME!  Me who has studied your system - WHICH WORKS IF YOU USE IT!  Who begged you not to buy thousands of shares of a stock at its HISTORIC HIGH POINT because you warned me NEVAH NEVAH NEVAH buy a stock at its high point!

Who begged you to sell calls on it, so that JUST IN CASE it did not go up, you would have some income and you told me that IDIOT on TV said the stock was going up another ten points.  So you didn't want to ENCUMBER the stock with calls so you could take advantage of the ten dollar increase..........and you DIDN'T LISTEN TO ME!

       (Calms a bit)

And he was right about the ten points - but in THE WRONG DIRECTION!  It dropped ten points, then another ten points  and then ANOTHER ten points and you are shitting bricks - on a cold toilet I may add - because all your money is tied up and somehow, somewhere, is MY FAULT!  Because you helped me, and I suggested what to do - which was YOUR OWN ADVICE just told back to you......, and you didn't do now it is my fault because I.......

       (She thunps her chest wildly)

I.....didn't convince you!

I can't win!  

         (Listens, laughs, shakes head)

Yes, Dad, you are right.  You always told me amateurs never win in the stock market.  Once are right.....

         (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

I'll have dinner ready in five minutes......

          (She exits to the real world)


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