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Monologue Mania Day # 697 After the Horse by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 9, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 697 After the Horse by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 9, 2016

                              After the Horse
                                     ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved Jan. 9, 2016

       (Woman in late 60s comes onstage from audience.  She turns and faces everyone, folds her arms.)

My name is.......and I am not an addict.

Why am I here, then? all know someone I love.

You see, once I was young like most of you are now.  I went to college, was quiet, didn't have a lot of friends.  But one guy in the dorm, he was nice.   I was broke, so I appreciated going out for pizza, a burger.   He wasn't always pressuring me into bed, and it was good to have a friend.

It was my last semester......I had so much debt from loans, and my folks weren't rich, so I couldn't run and visit them a lot, and it was before cell phones, so I was those days we called it 'bummed out'.....and he took me out to get something to eat....nothing fancy, but I was crying and he offered me a chance make some money.

At first I was insulted because I thought it was some type of prostitution, and I got up to leave and he stopped me, told was easy.  All I had to do was drive home and visit my parents.  But before I got to their house, I had to stop at some place, a nice place, in Beverly Hills, and just go park my car in a certain spot, and go eat dinner.  He gave me money for that, too.

I didn't have to touch the stuff.  It would be put onto my car, and removed without me ever seeing it.  Easy.  Simple.  If anything happened, I could even claim I didn't know it was there.  But nothing was gonna happen, he guaranteed it......and I needed that money so bad.....$5000.......that was a lot of money then.....and I couldn't believe it when I said...'yes'......but I did.

And for the rest of the semester, I visited my parents more often.

I was would I explain the money?  He taught me what to do.  The lottery would do it for a bit - my folks were upset that I wasted money on something so....what was the word they used.....frivolous!  I didn't claim I hit the big win....just a few hundred, enough to explain away the trips.

And the rest, he showed me how to open accounts and when I started working, I would visit casinos, claim I won at the blackjack tables.....never too much.  Sometimes I would lose to make it look normal.  I hated it, but it was...really good money.  I did it for just that semester.. ..and that money paid off my loans, and gave me enough to get started.....clean.

My job paid well, so I could afford a good accountant.....I got one that was not involved with my friend.....a nice man who was very impressed that I was...(laughs) honest.

He told me, that in 27 years,  he'd (in a man's voice) .... 'never had anyone volunteer to pay taxes on gambling or lottery wins....ever!'.......he was so impressed, he introduced me to his son......also an accountant.....a nice guy, an honest guy......and we got married.  I never told him the truth about where the money had come from......I never thought much about friend always's just a business....we were supplying a need.....very much part of the capitalist system.......

       (She walks around the stage)

The years go by fast......I never got even one parking ticket.....ever.......Our son was a born athlete.....and great with computers, too......he had a lot of soccer, baseball......then my husband's company downsized, and we had to the middle of the year, so no teams......and my teenage son was lost....until he made....a friend......

(Sighs)  Had they used pot, I would've smelled it.....but my son's new friend started him on meth, and suddenly my son had energy, he got involved, seemed first.....then, to calm him down.... came the heroin......I should've known when they played the song from my youth....'horse with no name'......

So here I am, tonight, to let you know my beautiful boy ......your friend who came here.....he just died yesterday ....not an overdose, but an infection his 28 year old body was too damaged to fight he left me on a horse with a name.....and now...... I have no one to give me pain, because I have all the pain I need, right now.....

Was this divine retribution?  God's paying me back?  I don't know......

         (She turns to leave, stops, looks back, shakes head)

I's like my mother always said....after the horse is out of the barn.....

          (Chokes back tears and exits.......may they all rest in peace)

The song by America 'Horse with No Name' was thought to be about heroin use, as 'horse' is a slang term for heroin - full lyrics here-  and the song here

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