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Monologue Mania Day # 708 Thank you, Mom! by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 20, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 708 Thank you, Mom! by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 20, 2016
                          Thank you, Mom!
                                              ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved Jan. 20, 2016

For Mom-

         (The author comes onstage - yes, it is me!)

As a writer, I have so much to thank you for, Mom- the first training on those long bus and subway rides - training in how not to be bored....... how to do this by watching the other people.  How you taught me how to pay attention to people, to my own to listen with my mind and my heart.

But one of the biggest helps was something you said when I asked how you could talk to an obnoxious person you had just turned into a friend, and you replied....'but I see them as they were when they were young, as a child......'

Which, of course, meant little that day.  But, like the seed of a giant redwood, it germinated, and I started to look at people in reverse, try to figure out what THEY were like as children.

And then I had children of my own, and I continued to study, and I learned something very valuable - I could not find one baby who was obnoxious as a newborn.

Just as the good qualities surfaced through careful nurturing, if there were any, all the problems were infused through the nutrients of parents, and siblings......and friends, and neighbors and relatives and the society and school.....

My conclusion - no one was born a misery.

This has enabled me to deal with all types of people in the real world - a great help.

And so I learned about my characters the same way - no matter who they were when I first stumbled upon them in my brain, when they were born, they had a seed of good.  And it was my job to show where that seed had gone, how it had grown - or been stunted and mutated.

Which I have tried to do in these monologues.

This last month has been difficult because not only has my only son moved several states away, but in this last ten days, I have learned of several family members and dear friends who I have just learned are struggling with cancers and heart problems.  My prayers and good wishes are with them, and I hope this new year brings them renewed health.

I am blessed to have not only these, but all my world of friends and family and my heart is full with knowing you all. So today, I dedicate this monologue to all the characters in my real life - with the first  and foremost - the one I met first, too!  to my dear mother.  Thank you, Mom  - for ALL the great lessons!  I love you....

         (The author exits - to write another monologue!)

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