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Monologue Mania Day # 693 The Beginning of the Story by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 5, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 693 The Beginning of the Story by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 5, 2016
                          The Beginning of the Story
                                                       (for Uncle Ant)
                                     ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved Jan. 5, 2016

         (The character who comes onstage is ....strange.  There is a resemblance to an animal, an insect that looks vaguely familiar, yet oddly different.  Yet this character is obviously intelligent, and dressed to impress in some way.  Perhaps a hat jauntily on its antenna?  The character looks around in a knowing way, then points offstage)

Are the cameras positioned properly?  I do believe that the lights stage left need to be turned a bit to make sure they don't reflect off my eyes too much, it can be....disconcerting.  After all, I do have a thousand of them!

         (Raises an arm, tilts head to listen)

Yes, I am ready to begin, I suppose......although, even after all this preparation, I am a bit, what is the word.....amazed by the whole procedure here.......and yes, it did all start so...simply......you see, I was never this large as a young one....I was actually very small for my age.....even for a member of the family Formicidae.....which you know as....ants......

Now everyone thinks that we ants as a group tend to work together well, but that is actually the result of a very good public relations campaign, and the reality is that some ants are more equal than others, and so by logical inference, the smaller ants are not.....

(Sighs heavily)  The result.....in my natal group, the sad reality was that the other, larger ants would take advantage of me......

          (Cowers to one side of the stage)

Even though our group is known as Black Carpenters, I never had any interest in that profession, being too little for cutting...a mere .65 millimeters as compared to some of the others, who were enormous, over 45 millimeters!

They would tease me wherever they found me, torment me without stopping until one of the worker drones would come and break it up.....but until someone stopped the torture, they would pin my puny body to the ground, and make me cry....

         (Falls to the floor and puts face into the stage, putting hands behind back)

(Quiet)  Uncle....

(Louder)  All right, you win....Uncle!  Uncle! Uncle!

          (Humiliated, drops flat, then slowly rises to full stature)

They would make me cry 'Uncle' while they laughed and laughed.....

           (Wipes eyes with antenna)

I didn't realize how painful retelling this would be......or how hungry it would make me.......by any chance do you have some plant juices?  Or perhaps a bit of tasty fungus?


Yes, I am larger now.....much larger....larger than any ant that has ever lived.....and smarter, too.....but that is part of the next chapter......now I must go rest my weary very large head.....

            (Turns to leave, stops, listens)

And that is the beginning of the story of how I became known as....Uncle Ant....


Ants are fascinating! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant

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