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Monologue Mania Day # 691 Dress Rehearsal by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 3, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 691 Dress Rehearsal by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 3, 2016
                           Dress Rehearsal     
                                                       (for Two Sisters)
                         (Not a monologue) by ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved Jan. 2, 2016

            (Lynn comes walking up quickly to Daddy's apartment, fumbling a bit while taking out her key, opening the door, looking around)

LYNN -  (Worried)  Daddy, I'm here, I'm coming didn't answer the phone today....and your cell is not we got a little worried.........Daddy?  Are you here?  Is everything OK?

        (Pam comes running up, she is frantic, sees the door open and runs in)

PAM -  Is he here?  Is he OK?  I mean....

       (Lynn comes from another room, shaking her head)

LYNN -  He's not here......

PAM  (Horrified)  Well where is he?

LYNN - (Calmer)  That's why I thought it was a better idea if I came over first.....

PAM -  But you're!  This is not a time for CALM!  What happened to Daddy?   Wait ....did you look in the bathroom?  Wasn't he going to take a shower?  Maybe he fell down!

        (Pam races out while Lynn shakes her head, while going over to the table where she picks up a cell phone.  Pam returns, waving a wet towel)

PAM -  He's not there!  But he did take a shower!  Look!

        (She waves the towel in Lynn's face, who jumps back)

LYNN -  Well aren't you the CSI genius?

PAM -   Don't be snarky with me!  That's MY area!

LYNN -  His cell phone is here.....not turned on....

PAM -  So where is he?  What have you done with him?

LYNN -  (Amazed)  What have I done with him?  Do you think I've hidden him from you in an attempt to drive us both insane?

PAM -  You are always encouraging his independence!  At his age independence is the worst thing!
It''s dangerous!  Maybe he went out with some woman he met!

LYNN - I think maybe you need to calm down a bit, Pam, before you blow a gasket....

PAM -  Then it would be on your head!

LYNN -  I am happy to take the blame....just...calm....down....

PAM -  I am calm!  I just think it's time to call the police!  Maybe he wandered off!

LYNN -  Thank God, Daddy doesn't have dementia, so let's think this through....

PAM - Ok, he's not here, no phone....maybe he was kidnapped!

LYNN - Now there's a logical explanation!

PAM - Oh, you pretend to be calm, but I can tell you're worried!  Otherwise, why did you run over here?

LYNN - Because it's been an entire day since anyone talked to him, and his cell phone was off....and ....

PAM -  Go on, say it.....

LYNN -  It's ok...we both know....

PAM - Know what?  That you didn't want me to find the body!

LYNN -  There is no body, because he's not here......

PAM -  We can call the morgue!

        (Daddy is now seen approaching the open door, he's furious)

DADDY - Who's there!  Who left the door open!  Let's in all the cold and the flies and I'm the one that has to live with it!

         (They see him and run over)

PAM -  (Relieved) Oh, Daddy, you're OK!

LYNN -  Dad, are you OK?

DADDY -  (Annoyed)  Of course I'm not OK!  I'm never OK!  I'm old and everything aches and I went for a walk and find hooligans in my house!

PAM -  (suddenly annoyed)  You went for a walk without telling us?

LYNN - Without your cell phone?

DADDY -  I went for a walk around my block!  I don't need no stinkin' cellphone!  You should be happy I'm out walking!  You two are never happy!  You''re.....

PAM/LYNN (joining him) You're just like your mother!

DADDY - And what are you two doing here anyhow?  Didn't I tell you I needed time off from both of you?  I need some time for myself!  I am 88 years old and I am entitled to some time off! And I don't have to answer to either of you! Now I need to lie down because all the good rest I had today is gone - because of you!

         (He pulls away and stomps off into his bedroom leaving the two to stare off at him.  Lynn goes to a closet and removes a bag from which she takes a bottle and a bar of chocolate.  She takes a swig of the bottle and a bite of the chocolate.  Pam stares.  Lynn offers the bottle)

PAM - You have got to be kidding!

LYNN -  Sorry.....

         (Lynn gets a glass and hands it to Pam, pours some of the bottle in, Pam sips)

PAM -  Aren't you forgetting something?

         (Lynn offers the chocolate, Pam takes a small square)

PAM -  You are always prepared.....just like a damned Boy did have a lot of friends in the boy scouts, didn't you?

         (The two laugh)

LYNN - About a hundred years ago.....but as for being prepared, I dunno.....I guess I didn't want you to get here first, just in know.....

PAM -  In case there was .....a body......

         (They both shudder)

LYNN- (Together)  God forbid!

LYNN - I'm glad you're back, Pam, I really didn't want to be facing this alone.....

          (Pam reaches over and puts her hand on Lynn's and from the next room they hear)

DADDY -  If the two of you are not going to get out of here, how about someone making some dinner for me?  That walk gave me a good appetite!

PAM -  Food!  Always food!  This is where I exit....You can handle the food, right Lynn?

LYNN -  Yes, I can.

PAM -  I'm so glad your positive attitude has returned!  That's the one thing we share!

           (Lynn gives Pam a look that says 'Are you kidding?')

PAM -  I'm a very positive person, too -  right now, I'm positive it's time for me to leave. Let me say goodbye to Daddy, and I will be happy to let you slave away in the kitchen...

            (She starts to go to Daddy's bedroom, stops, goes over to Lynn)

PAM -  I'm glad I could be here....

LYNN -  Me, too.....

PAM -  And I'm glad it was just......a dress rehearsal......

            (They hug, lights dim to blackout.  End of scene)


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