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Monologue Mania Day # 692 Resilience (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 4, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 692 Resilience (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 4, 2016
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                                     (for Caregivers Anonymous)
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           (Woman walks out carrying a pamphlet which she waves at the group)

I had to show this to all of you...all of us!  It's a pamphlet from a Caregivers Help Group - this has a list of what caregivers have in common....

            (Reading from one page)

'Caregivers are flexible'....well that's true, we have to be...... right?

            (The others agree)

And we are loving and wonderful and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound......oh, wait, that's true, too!

            (They cheer)

And we are faithful and honest and lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!

But seriously, they say we often ....this is a big revelation....we often neglect our own needs.....

            (The others feign surprise)

Never would have thought of that one  But here's the says that the quality most caregivers have is.....resilience......

Now that is the real's the definition...'Adapting to adversity. Resilience is the ability to roll with the punches. When stress, adversity or trauma strikes, you still experience anger, grief and pain, but you're able to keep functioning — both physically and psychologically.'

So why do I mention this?  Because on the very same page with this fascinating help all of us caregivers......there is a recipe......for broccoli soup.  Please note that this is a very detailed recipe, requiring......

          (She points to the list)

… 12 ingredients....that you have to shop for….and take home and remember where you put them all…....and it takes 45 minutes to make 4 portions.....some of which they recommend you freeze for a later meal.  And....helpful as always.....the soup will last two months in the freezer!  Oh, my!  Another thing to remember!

Well, I have my own resilience......and here it is......

          (She takes the pamphlet and rips it up, throwing the pieces into the air while the others cheer)

Thank you!

          (She turns to go to her seat, stops, takes a metal can from her pocket and holds it aloft.)

And this is what I do for soup!  (Reading from the can)  Broccoli soup, ready in five that is what I call resilience!

          (The others cheer as she sits.  Blackout.) -----------------------------------------------------------

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