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Monologue Mania Day # 711 Good for the Soul by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 23, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 711 Good for the Soul by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 23, 2016   

Good for the Soul  (c)
                                 by Janet S. Tiger  © all rights reserved                                                                          

        (Young man is smoking a cigarette, listens, nods)

So your dad's innocent.  (Laughs)  Not mine.

My dad confessed., they didn't beat it outta him.  He did it.  He was friends with this guy, and the guy had some speed, and they picked up this girl.....and...they...they did it.

And nobody caught them.....for like, fifteen years.

Funny, you know.  He was a good dad.  I mean, he wouldn't let me hang out with the kids who got in trouble.  I guess.....experience.......

And now, now he's up here, well, I kinda stay outta trouble because......

He confessed.

I asked him why and he told me.....he did it.  After they..... did it, my Dad didn't spend any time with his buddy, because, well, he felt the guy was bad news.

My Dad moved down to LA, so he could escape from his past.  Married my mom, has a good job.....had a good job.

We had a good life.....until... I guess, no matter how fast you run....the past catches up with you.

He told me he know.... haunted by what they did...., and, in court, he gave the judge a letter to pass along to the lady he hurt.  A letter where he apologized for hurtin' her.  And he gave me a letter, too.

        (He reaches into a pocket, takes out his wallet and removes a well-worn sheet, reads)

'Life always gives you a chance to fix your, when you get that chance, do it...Do the right thing.....'

         (He folds up the letter)

It's funny, he never hit me....or my brothers.  So when it happened, when the police came.....I couldn't believe it.....Not my Dad. .....father.  But when I asked him to tell me the truth, he did. And he took me down to the church, and he confessed there. And the priest said he was forgiven.  And then he asked me to forgive him......

And I can't.....because when he did it, and then he ran away......he hurt us.  They say confession is good for the soul, but......his confession was not good for my soul.....

         (He listens)

I come..... every month because......I wanna  let him know matter what, he's still my Dad.

        (He looks offstage)

Hey....... time to go.  The bus is here smokin' for two hours.  Can we do it,man?

         (Laughs, turns to walk off, stops, looks back)

My Mom’s part Indian…..she always says….’the soul would have no rainbow, if the eye would have no tears…’  

          (He stubs out the cigarette, walks off)


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