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Monologue Mania Day # 409 by Janet S. Tiger Who Told Me That Story? March 28, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 409   by Janet S. Tiger  Who Told Me That Story?  March 28, 2015

                                                Who Told Me That Story?
                                                                            (for Crime)
                                                         by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2015 all rights 

              (A man stumbles onstage, he is no longer a boy, but there is something still boyish about him.  Maybe because he is drunk......and dirty......and he sits heavily on a chair, puts his head in his hands.)

I dunno.  I can't remember much......the story the guy told me was just horrible!  He had gone into a restaurant and they weren't very nice to him, so he....he got a knife, and he.....went back, and he was.....oh, my God, he stabbed some waiter, I dunno, maybe it wasn't the waiter who was mean, I can't remember, I've been pretty wasted since he told was....

           (He looks like he is about to throw up, then gets a hold of himself and takes several deep breaths.)

Look, do you mind if I smoke?

           (He takes out a crumpled cigarette and lights it, hands shaking)

Thanks....I need this....if I can't have a drink, gotta smoke.....

           (He takes a deep breath)

Describe the guy.....oh, that's tough, it was in the alley you know, and it was very dark......he was I guess about my height, about my age......he had on....(thinks) ....clothes......pants, a's been warm now, for April, so no jacket......

            (Takes a deep draw on the cigarette)

I dunno why he started talkin' to me, maybe he felt bad.....what?  Blood?  I dunno, I don't remember, maybe it was dried up.....I dunno....he was pretty upset, we were both drinkin' from this bottle of Jack I had found.....where'd I find a car....someone left the window open......they had gone back into the liquor store....they musta forgotten somethin'......(Outraged)  I didn't steal nothin'!  I asked 'em, I called out, hey, can I have this bottle?  And I definitely heard a were sharing, guys in an alley do that, you know.

Maybe I could have somethin' to drink now?  Or eat maybe?  Just a burger, with some fries?  Thanks.  I haven't eaten for awhile, ya know......


His name?  Oh, I can't remember if he said it......maybe it was...(thinking) mine, yeah, I thought it was funny......two Jacks drinkin' a Jack.  Funny, huh?

           (Listens, starts to cry)

I was scared, he was a scary guy, ya know?  He just told me he that he hurt a bunch of people.....
what?  Two of 'em are dead?  Oh, my God!  He coulda killed me, right?  If he'd a wanted to, right?

           (Listens, gets edgy)

I didn't come in and tell you guys because no one ever listens to me.  I tell people lots of stuff and no one cares.  I'm sorry those two people are dead......that guy, he seemed to be sorry, too, that he'd done it, I mean....where is he?   I dunno.....I can barely remember what day that was.......yesterday?  It happened yesterday?  Well, this happened a long time ago I think.....

          (His eyes start to glaze, he looks down,  puts out the cigarette very deliberately)

I don't even remember who told me that story?  (Thinking)  Who told me that story?  Do you know?  ....What?  This guy did this before?  A few times....different places?  I hope you catch him....he sounds like bad news......That's all I I'm gonna go.........(listens)  Whaddaya mean, I can't go?  (Starts to get irritated)  I got my rights!  I don't have to stay anymore!.....

         (He bangs the table, his face starts to get red)

Look, you guys better leave me alone!  I know how to take care of myself!  I been on my own since I was 12!  So just get outta my way!

          (He grabs into his pants leg, takes out a comb that he snaps and it becomes a knife, he waves it)

I said, get outta my way!  All of you!  I gotta go find my friend!  He knows what to do!  He'll tell me what to do!

           (He backs off the stage, frantic)

I don't know who told me that story, but I think this is gonna be another story unless you let me out!  I don't wanna have to send my friend back here to get you guys........

           (He is almost off, when he realizes others are around him, his hands are pulled behind his back, the knife drops, he sags)

At least, can I have that burger now?  I'm awful mother always said....I never behaved real well when I was hungry.....

            (Blackout.  End of scene)

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