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Monologue Mania Day # 402 by Janet S. Tiger A Bad Week March 21, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 402 by Janet S. Tiger   A Bad Week March 21, 2015         
                                             A Bad Week
                                              (Hope next week is better DJ!)
                                            by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2015 all rights 

          (A woman comes out dressed in black.  The only color we see is a large brightly colored box of kleenex.  She takes one, then blows her nose, looks at the kleenex)

Just as I suspected, nothing left.  What do you expect with a week like this, doctor?  I call it, my week of death.  Just amazing…..(thinking)…..and this is the week of St. Patrick’s Day!  Some luck of the Irish!

Not one or two, not even three or four, but six deaths in one week!  I can't stop crying, but I have no tears left!

One was a neighbor, cancer, another a dear cousin, also cancer, two more were women I worked with for years, one a heart attack, one a stroke, that's four.  Then I had two go at once - a horrible car accident.  When will it end?  I don't think I can take anymore!  Help me!

        (She leans over, waiting for a response)


        (She gets a little worried)

Doctor – don’t you have anything to say?

         (Now she’s paying more attention)

Doctor?  Are you all right?

         (She goes to the desk/chair, pokes at the doctor)

Not you, too!  Amazing!   

        (She gets out her phone, poking at the numbers)

9- 1- 1..... Hello, I'd like to report a dead body.......

         (Turns to the doctor)

And I’m not paying for this session!


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