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Monologue Mania Day # 399 and Day # 400 by Janet S. Tiger Later Dater March 18 and March 19, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 399 and 400 by Janet S. Tiger  Later Dater  March 18 and 19, 2015     
      This piece is designed as two stand alone monologues -hence the two days and two numbers!- but also as a two person piece.   So, for ease of posting, am putting the Male monologue in Blue and the Female Monologue in Red  When they speak together, it will be in black. bold italics.
Special thanks to Jeff and his group in Oregon - who asked for a piece like this.  Hope it works!

                                 Later Dater
                                        by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2015 all rights 
                (A man and woman come onstage from two different sides, sit at two tables.  They are carrying two laptops which they put on the tables.  They do not acknowledge the other - they are in Internet land)

M-  I can feel it, tonight I'm gonna get lucky!
       (He opens his computer)
W-  It's spring, today is the first day!  Love is in the air....along with the pollen.
Oh, maybe this is a good time

         (She opens her computer)
M- I haven't tried this site before.....sounds interesting.......Great Mates -  and I like their motto.......Don't Date a Dud....
W-  Don't Date a Dud.....well, that's silly, but who knows?  Maybe I need some silly in my life.
M-  I can't believe the photos......the women look amazing!
W-  I think I'll put up the picture I took just after the kids all went to school.  It's only 20 years old......
        (She clicks away)
M -  Last time I used my driver's license picture, that didn't get good results, maybe I'll use the one from my high school reunion, hmmm, the 20th one, not the 40th!
         (He adds the photo)
W -  Ooh, this fellow looks interesting.....he's 58 but his hair is still dark!
M-  Wow, for 55 she is still hot!
W - now let's see the 'who am I' he a doctor, lawyer.....ooh, engineer!
M-  I'll put am a sanitation engineer, so it's mostly true....
W-  I wonder how much of this is daughter tells me to be careful....
M-  All the guys warned me to watch out for women looking for a meal ticket......from Russia and Thailand....but she's from the United States.....
W - I can honestly say I'm a personnel assistant....that's what I do, take care of people personally....
M-  She's a professional, that's for what I like to do......everyone says they like to go to the movies.....
W-  Do I put down that I fall asleep at the movies?  Maybe just that I like to go to a good movie....
M - I don't have to mention that I can't handle long movies......that I call them bladder busters......I'll just say I enjoy a nice film.......
W-  Oooh, I think I'm gonna click on him......he sounds honest....and he looks nice....
M -  Okay, gotta take a chance....
      (They click at the same time)
W/M -  (Together)   Ooooh, aaaaah!
M-  That was good!
W -  I feel wonderful!
       (They kiss the computer screen simultaneously)
M-  Should I try to see her?
W -  He's asking to meet me in person!
        (They look at each other)
W/M  -  Nooooooooo!
          (They go to close their laptops, stop, bring them up)
W-  (Tentative)  New is scary....
M-  I have so much to self-respect, my hair......what's left of it......
W - Will he notice I look a bit different?
M/W  - (Together)  Will it matter?
         (They take the laptops, close them at the same time, stand, look at each other)
M/W -  Maybe......
         (They walk out together, as they leave, their hands touch and they take hold of each other's hand tentatively)
M - And I thought dating....
W - a teenager....
M/W (Together)  was tough!
           (They laugh together, exit.  Not the end, but the beginning)


Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
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Swedenborg Hall 2006-8

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