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Monologue Mania Day # 388 by Janet S. Tiger The Bean Cutter's Story (part three) March 7, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 388 by Janet S. Tiger  The Bean Cutter's Story (part three) March 7, 2015
                                                  The Bean Cutter's Story (part3)
                                                           by Janet S. Tiger   
                                                (c) 2015     all rights reserved

         (Last part of this story.  Started Day # 386, includes Day # 387, he takes a drink, waves at crowd)

Good story is like good meal.  Smells good from start, lots different flavors, pretty waitress to smile at, many courses, wine and time to enjoy, not in rush.

So my father give  Ban Zheng a job in the kitchen, and her daughter Wu was the new sweeper.  It turn out that the mother was amazing cook.  Because they had been poor for so many years, since even before father die, she could turn any food into tasty dish.  The bean tips, all black, she add soy and a little spice , taste like like fancy food.

My father was impressed, and it was not easy to impress him.  She become head cook right away, restaurant do very well.  She add amazing beggars chicken, cooked in mud and leaves, it taste better than duck sometimes.  Cheaper, too, but can charge the same because it taste so good.  Father very happy......father love her, marry her, she become my mother number two.  She is  good mother, since cannot remember real mother, she become mother  number one.

          (He takes out a handkerchief, wipes eyes)

So now I have sister, not as good as brother, but better than nothing.  Wu very nice to everyone, everyone like her.  War comes, hard to find food, Wu and I take truck and even though government want all food for war, Wu have many friends everywhere who love her, sell her food.

Mother take all food, no matter how old, or dried out.....make it taste good, like magician with food.

War years very hard.  And we can see time coming after war will be even harder.  Wu not skinny anymore, she pretty girl, and I start to look at her.....not like sister.  I see she feel the same way and I ask her to marry me.  She say no, I say why not, we not really brother, sister.  She say she want to go to America, have restaurant there.  Wu nice, but sometimes very bossy, will not change mind.  So if I want to go to America, she marry me.  So..... love make me come to America.

And after we come, we try to get mother, father to come.  Not easy, people who own restaurants now enemy of Mao Tse Dung personally.

So we wait, we work hard, open first restaurant.  Then we need much money to get parents out of China.  What to do?  Decision is horrible.  If we close restaurant, parents maybe come, maybe not, even  if they cannot come, we have to start over.  But if we keep restaurant, maybe parents never come....(hard to say)....maybe die.  Another decision, but not hard to make......

No choice really, we sell restaurant.

Man come to buy, he look at me, say, was your father Chen T'eh, with the famous restaurant that served the delicious  Beggar Chicken?  I say, 'yes' and say, I remember your father, you look like him.  I used to eat there every time I come to your city!  Delicious!  I say, my mother make that, and my wife know how, would you like to eat some now?  And he very excited, Wu make him beggar chicken and he very, very happy.  Say first time in America he eat good food.  'Why sell restaurant?'  he ask. 

I tell him what is happening to father, he look at me and say.....not buy restaurant.

          (Remembers, wipes forehead)

Not good, not good at all.  He only person really interested.  Wu is about to cry, so am I, but I ask, why?  He say, he is going to loan me money - to help father.  I can pay it back by helping him..... open second restaurant.  We be partners.  Now I cry.  Wu cry, man cry.  I ask why he do this.  Say he had father tell him.....there are two kinds of men......

          (Takes deep breath, gets a hold of himself)

And so, we become partners, and friends, and I find out he part of Chinese Society that help people when they come to America.  And I join.  Take risk to come here, take risk to open restaurant.  But all for good.  Always good.  Same good.  And so I am....same happy.  So, what is dessert?

Everyone happy at sweet dessert, everyone happy long story finish! 

         (He lifts award, waves it)

I thank everyone for nice award.

           (He starts to walks off, stops, looks back)

But my reward is the same happy......

         (He smiles, exits. Not the end of happy!)

Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
Swedenborg Hall 2006-8


JennyRedbug said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Thanks.

Eat My Words said...

Good, I like the continuity between the three acts. Actually, it's flawless.