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Monologue Mania Day # 390 by Janet S. Tiger The Pitch March 9, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 390 by Janet S. Tiger  The Pitch March 9, 2015
                                        The Pitch(c)
                                                           by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                (c) 2015     all rights reserved

           (A young Chinese man comes onstage, he is smoking, holds a folder of papers, no accent)

Thank you for giving me the chance to make this pitch.

          (He holds up the folder)

All the details are in here.  Movie starts with credits over an award ceremony, mostly Chinese people, very fancy, the people arriving, formal dress, big hotel, chandeliers, the whole routine.  Focus on an older man, with his wife, children, greeting friends, lots of laughter.

          (He smiles, remembering)

And there can be one moment where the man looks at something on a table, food, a decoration, he smiles approvingly, another, where he shakes his head, not very good.  Looks at wife, they share a moment.

No need to hear the details of the speeches, but it's a Chinese Society to help immigrants, and the man is being honored.

There is a main speaker, and some entertainment, and then, as the credits wind down,  the award.  People are moved as the introductory speech is made and there is a powerpoint about the man's generosity.

We see the man is not paying much attention, focused on eating.  He lifts a knife to cut some vegetables, looks at the knife and we have a close-up of that knife's edge.  The knife comes down to cut.....the tip off of a bean and we back in China, 1921, and someone is showing a four-year-old boy how to cut the tips off beans.  The man showing is older, with a bump on his head, laughing.  But he is careful with the child, and the child goes to take the knife, and the man won't let him.  'Just watch, you will see..... '  and knife comes down again, and we are back at the awards ceremony, and they are announcing his name, the crowd is on its feet, and he is a bit surprised.  He stands and waves to the crowd, kisses his wife.  Across the screen we see....

          (He spreads his hands wide)

The Bean Cutter's Story!

He takes his cane, and now he is going to the stage slowly, helped by his grandson......that would be me in a cameo..... because ladies and gentlemen, the bean cutter is my grandfather, and his story needs to be told because he is 97, and I would like very much for him to see it, before....before he can't.

           (End of scene)

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Very nice. good ending to this series.