Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monologue Mania Day# 347 by Janet S. Tiger Butterfly Net Fantasies Jan. 25, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day# 347 by Janet S. Tiger   Jan. 25, 2015
                                  Butterfly Net Fantasies
                                              by Janet S. Tiger   
                                     c) 2015     all rights reserved


           (The actor enters, dressed casually, shorts, a sun hat and carrying....a large butterfly net, waving it around, happy)

Oh, hello!  You must be the reporter they told me about!  How are you!  I'm doing just fine......oooh, mustn't let that get away.....

           (Leaps to capture something in the net, examines it, listening closely)

That was a fine one!  It was sometime in my youth, this memory, here, when I scored the winning run and everyone was cheering for me!

           (Spots something else, chases it, hard to capture this one)

I just hate to lose this one again!  It's one of my most frightening ones......the monster under the bed!  And it was as elusive under the bed as it is now!   Hold on....

          (Races to catch, dives,  shakes head)

Always just out of reach!  I was never able to actually see the horrible thing that dwelled so close to me and my dear teddys, but it was always there, I just knew it!  So close, so terrifying, and now.....I have to search it out further....

           (Gets up slowly, dusts off)

As a writer, I'm sure you understand why I do this......this is how I have written all my books, I used to keep this a secret, but I am getting older, and I wanted to share....and now you can capture my method so that others can take advantage of it.....of course, if I wasn’t a successful author, I would be in a looney bin, but money does give you choices!

         (Sees something, runs to it)

.....and so, you see, I watch for the elusive butterflies of, not just love, but all life.  Friendship, pain, joy, sorrow, the pen your father gave you when you graduated, that fell on the floor and you could never find, even when you moved.

          (Waves the net, puts ear inside)

The sound of the car door when you left on vacation, and the sound when you got in the car to come home....

         (Waves the net, closes eyes)

The person you loved and lost and yet remember exactly how they looked the moment you first met them..... All of the memories that make up a book, a movie, anything we create.  


Why do I use this net?  Well, it's simple!  The memories are easier to catch this way!

            (Turns to exit, stops, looks back)

This is for the swimming memories!

           (Reaches into pocket and pulls out a tiny scooping net for fish, runs off, laughing, never the end of the memories, you just have to know where to find them)



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