Monday, January 5, 2015

Monologue Mania Day# 327 by Janet S. Tiger Why Fight? Jan. 5, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day# 327 by Janet S. Tiger Why Fight?  Jan. 5, 2015

                                 Why Fight?
                            (from Society of Human Rights - the Henry Gerber Story)
                                    ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

       (Henry Gerber stands and is considering the others in the room.  He is trying to organize the first gay rights organization, and has gathered a few other men to convince them to get involved.  They are not easy to convince, and he is working hard.  He has a slight German accent, and he is dressed in the clothing of the 1920s)

You ask me, why should we fight?  Why take the chance to expose ourselves to the public ridicule and almost certain legal problems, not the least being jail, which is a frightening thought for all of us who have been there before.

(Starts to get excited) Let me explain.  I have seen the future.  In Germany, right at zis minute, our brothers are able to go to nightclubs and get together openly in meetings like this, without having to hide in the darkness! Without having to disguise the names of their groups!  Without being embarrassed and, most of all, without being afraid of the police!

When I was in Germany, with the Army, I saw all of these wonderful things, and I was very moved by the freedom for men like ourselves.

I have seen the value of this type of change, for all of us who share the same feelings, the same needs.

(Building)  I do not believe that hiding like animals is the way to succeed!  Who wants to be treated like second-class citizens?  Who wants to be told that what we do with other men is sinful and shameful, when we all know, we have no choice!

(Quieter)  And I also know that the fear we have, the fear of the police, is something that will take more than a small group of us to change.  We must find the others like us, the ones who are hiding in plain view, and convince them to help us change the laws that today, in every one of the 48 states... make us all criminals!  Criminals for doing what we cannot avoid, criminals for doing what we must do.......criminals for loving other human beings.....

And I tell you now something we all know and fear......,we may not succeed today, but we can start, and together, vee can win!  And if we do not win, then at least we will have started on the path to the changes that will make us all, if not free, at least, not criminals!

       (He wipes his forehead, goes to sit down, stops)

And for those of you who say,

       (He points at some of the other men)

........this is not a good time, I say, when is a good time?  THE TIME IS NOW!

       (He sits, spot is on him, then blackout, end of scene)

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