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Monologue Mania Day# 332 by Janet S. Tiger Missing Lies Jan. 10, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day# 332 by Janet S. Tiger Jan. 10, 2015

                                  Missing Lies
                                    ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved 2015

           (An older man enters, in a robe and drinking a large glass of wine.)

Hello, my dear.  I thought I might find you's such a lovely view for this time of the day.  Sun just setting.  When I die, I hope that I can have a view like this......(listens).....don't worry, the doctor said it will be awhile, but I am preparing.

One thing I will be doing, is not allowing any more lies.  Lies take up an amazing amount of time, and with little time left, I am trying to shave away distractions. 

The sun is a good example of no lies.  The sun rises, it sets, or, more accurately, it just sits there heating away.

This is opposed to, for example, all the lies we see and hear on TV and the Internet.  My favorite today was about earphones.......with cords that do not ever tangle.

That's a big lie.  But is it?  Perhaps the truth is in the missing words.....if the sentence starts out as.....'if you never open up this package, ....the cords will never tangle.....'  

         (Laughs, takes another swig)

Same thing as the expression.....'easy to assemble'...where the missing words are....'if you designed this product yourself or have an engineering degree, this is...easy to assemble'

         (Looks away)

Maybe it's just the word 'easy' that gets to me....What is easy?  There's a difficult word - it's not objective at all for most things, like the cord or the directions....but easy when it comes to morality, then that's pretty objective.

How easy are you, my dear?


In the interest of truth, that was meant to be mean.

I have another lie that has missing words ......'I never slept with your best friend, Marcus in our bed'  ....there's a good certainly slept with him in our living room, and in the pool house.....

         (Holds up a hand)

No need to argue, pictures don't lie.  Especially moving ones, like on video cameras that I installed for security purposes.  To see if some of the help were stealing.  They weren't.  But the videos....very enlightening.  And that's the truth!  (Laughs)

Do you know another big lie - the medical profession, dentists, doctors....they all say, this isn't going to hurt.  What they mean isn't going to hurt....them.

But, again in the interest of truth,this is going to hurt.....

        (He puts down the drink, pulls out a gun from his pocket, aims and fires twice.  Watches the body fall.  He turns to leave, stops, looks back))

And now you are going to do what you do best...lie......

         (He exits, and we hear a shot.  Therein lies......the end)


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