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Monologue Mania Day# 335 by Janet S. Tiger You Don't Understand! Jan. 13, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day# 335 by Janet S. Tiger You Don't Understand!  Jan. 13, 2015
              This is from an idea for a one-act Trich or Treat, started in 2010.  See Day # 12

                                       You Don't Understand!

                                    ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved 2015
             (A teenage girl comes onstage, she is very angry and has a brush in one hand.)

I told my mom, “You don’t understand!” and she just laughed at me.   I told her, “I wish I had the hair I had when I was 12!”  and she just laughed again and said, “So do I.”

It is not fair!  My hair used to be the envy of the locker room – even my older brother, who is completely oblivious about everything, noticed how good it looked!

So what happened?   I cannot stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore!   I used to just wash my hair and dry it, and it was perfect.   Now…..(holds up some strands, in anguish)  Ughhhhh!

(Quieter)  That’s why I’ve started pulling out my hair.  I figure it’s better than cutting myself.   I tried that when I was younger but people notice bandaids, and something got infected….and my Mom made me go to a head doctor….(she shrugs)   But pulling out my hair, nobody pays any attention.

I can even do it in public…..(demonstrates)   See?  You didn’t even notice…..(Sighs)  I went online and there are lots of us doing this.   It’s called trichotilomania…..and I’m on this blog and ….nobody notices until you get bald patches.   And then you have to get meds and see a shrink…..I am not crazy about that, so maybe I’ll stop before I go bald.

(Hard for her)   It’s just that my best friend moved away and I have to go to summer school to catch up in math and my hair used to be my favorite thing!   We had so much fun together, my hair and me – washing, curling, streaking…..and now….it looks like poo ….mixed with straw!….I have tried EVERY shampoo on the market!  They all claim to make your hair….(says it like in an ad)  soft…shiny  …. manageable (back to herself)  BUT THEY ALL LIE!  (Gets control of herself)….my Mom told me it was hormones, and I just had to wait and everything would be ok.   But that’s what she says about everything!

She just doesn’t understand what it’s like….(very loud)  to get old!

                   (She storms off, the end.)

  Note - last month!  Only 30 days to go!


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