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Monologue Mania Day # 1549 The Unknown Mother (for Mother's Day) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 14, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1549 The Unknown Mother (for Mother's Day) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 14, 2018                                      
  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom - and to all the moms out there-  and to my kids, thank you for giving me the best job in the whole world!

                                      The Unknown Mother                                      
                                      or The Richest Woman in the World
                                              (for The Senior Channel)
                                                  by Janet S. Tiger
                                             © 2014 all rights reserved

            (A woman comes out onstage.  She is wearing a mask and gloves, so it is hard to tell how old she is.  She also carries a bullhorn)

Hello out there - I’m here to celebrate Mother’s Day – the Senior Channel way!

            (She indicates her hat, gloves, mask)

 I am purposely disguising myself for one purpose – I am the unknown mother.

I am here for all mothers, of all time, starting with Eve and all the way through the most recent mother – the one giving birth right now, on Mother’s Day.

I am here to tell you all what you need to hear from your mother – and I may be her, so you don’t know for sure.

Unless of course you recognize a slightly nutty mother, but I have news for you all – all mothers are crazy.  We are crazy about you.  No matter what we say in moments of anger or pain, we love you beyond reason, and we want you to know you make us all very happy.  Maybe not every minute of every day……well, maybe, in a funny way you do.

I always wanted to be a mother – and being a mom to you guys is the things I am most proud of – no matter how much I have accomplished- or how little – you are the best things of me.

And on Mother’s Day, I thank you.  Because I love knowing you – all of you.  I remember the days you were born, how I felt.  How, even in moments of exhaustion, of sleep deprivation that even solders in battle don’t understand – even when a part of me questioned reality, I never questioned having you.

And through those grand years of growing up – the school, the play, the triumphs, the pain – I loved it all.  Because trouble makes the happy stronger.  Because even though I am not the richest person – and maybe I am – money and things of this earth do not determine the real wealth.  And I have real wealth.

Because I am rich with you.  I have everything I ever wanted.  I am a happy woman.  And you better remember that, because you ain’t gonna hear that every day!

So bring on the flowers and candy, and the dinners at restaurants and the home-made cards – I love ‘em all!  And I love you all – more than you will ever know, until you have your own children, which will be soon, I hope, as I’m not getting any younger, you know!

            (She takes a deep breath)

And please, never forget…..I love you, all of you, wherever you are, and whatever you do.

            (She takes out a handkerchief and blows her nose.  She turns to go,
             looks back)

And don’t forget to eat those vegetables!

            (She walks off, still blowing her nose.  The end of the monologue - but never the end of a mother's love!)


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Beautiful words and sentiment!