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Monologue Mania Day # 1540 The Devil Comes to River Bend (one-act - scene 4) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 5, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1540 The Devil Comes to River Bend  (one-act - scene 4)  by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 5, 2018       
This is Scene 4 from a one-act THE DEVIL COMES TO RIVER BEND - if you want to read them in order - please click here for scene one  Day # 1537    scene two  Day # 1538  scene three Day #1539

                          The Devil Comes to River Bend (c) all rights reserved
                                            (one-act)  Scene 4 opening
                                              by Janet S. Tiger

            (Diane Walters is in a bedroom in the sheriff's home.  She finishes dressing, takes out a tape recorder and attaches a microphone)

WALTERS -  Notes to self.  (Takes a deep breath)  What is the truth?  Is it something so clear that everyone knows it instantly?  Like when you fall in love? 

Or is it less obvious?  In one of my journalism classes, the teacher showed a movie and we got to watch one man shoot another man.  Truth.  We saw it.  It was very clear.  No doubt.  Everyone in class would have sworn to it in a court of law.

Then the teacher....what was his name?, he was a Dr.....or a Professor......whew, what's the truth in that?  

But I do remember the second movie. 

       (It it's possible, a screen with this movie could be shown now) It was the same exact scene, only the camera tracked around from one position to another during the shooting.  And you can see another person actually committing the crime.....even though you thought you knew exactly what was didn't....

And so my sureness disappeared in a moment.

Is a witness telling the truth?  Can you trust your gut?  

All these questions.....and the teacher whatever his name was said....."remember this and you could become a great reporter.....forget it, and you should just....forget it....."

Boy did I have a crush on him!  (Laughs)  And I can't remember his damned name!  And yet.....the truth is.....I loved him.   Or maybe the truth is....I thought I loved him......

         (She walks to the window and looks out)

River Bend.  Most of the time, a river tries to go straight to the the Mississippi, or the Amazon........unless, unless there is something blocking its way for a until the river can break through, it bends......and this can go on for years, centuries, millennia.....until the river finds a way to go straight through......

Kind of like the truth.  River Bend. The people here talk about the devil coming to visit, for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner....but maybe.....just maybe....he was invited.......

        (She suddenly stands straight up looks out of the window again and starts laughing.)

Oh, my God!  I got it!  (She looks down)  Okay, maybe you had something to do with it, too!

         (Lights down as she starts typing and laughing, end of scene)

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