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Monologue Mania Day # 1545 No Backsies by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 10, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1545 No Backsies  by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 10, 2018                                      
                                    No Backsies

               ©Janet S. Tiger
                    all rights reserved 2018

               (Actress enters with a newspaper, is annoyed)

My husband did not propose to me.  I had to do this major task - which I, of course, have never let him forget.

Another story in the marriage collection.

Which has an add-on.  Our children were young, and there was no babysitter available, so our anniversary dinner was a Domino's cheese pizza, delivered in a box with the question written in marking pen on the box - Will you marry me?

Cute.  So cute.  

But still, as my dear friend Diane said when she heard...... 'no backsies'

And so I think it should be.

You don't want someone as a member because of things they have done, kick them out of the club.  But they cannot be erased from the history of the club.  No backsies.

Bill Cosby received honors from Kennedy Center, which they have just removed.

Let me be very clear about this - I am not in any way defending Cosby - or anyone else who has committed crimes -because it is not about the criminal act here.

It is about the award.

The art that was honored.

You can't -and shouldn't take away - the recognition of greatness.

If you start to do this, where does it end?

Are they now going through the Kennedy Center files and researching who -either before or after receiving the award - did something wrong?

If they find someone, since they took away Cosby's awards, should they take away other awards?  

When my son was on a Little League team, there was a mother who punished her son by not allowing him to play - so the whole team suffered.  So it is with the people who worked with Cosby.  All those actors and production people who would get royalties - possibly their income for retirement - will get nothing because the Cosby shows are not shown on TV anymore.  Is that really fair either?  They still show old movies with Bill Cosby in them.  What about old Kevin Spacey movies?  They still show those......

Where does this end?

Will the art museums remove Picasso from the walls because he beat his wives and girlfriends?

Will all the movies made by Harvey Weinstein disappear?  Especially the ones that won Academy Awards?

Will radio stations not play music by women beaters like Chris Brown?  

Oh, wait...they still do.....

Does a conviction of a crime- or even the crime itself, mean that everything the person did is no longer valid as historically correct?

In my own Jewish home I have Mein Kampf - not because I think it is great literature, but because it is part of history.

Am I wrong?  

This is a very important question for all to consider as we listen to music and watch movies and read books.......

        (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

But I still say, 'no backsies!'

        (She exits)

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