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Monologue Mania Day # 1538 The Devil Comes to River Bend (one-act - scene 2) by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 3, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1538 The Devil Comes to River Bend  (one-act - scene 2)  by Janet S. Tiger (c) May 3, 2018       
This is Scene 2 from a one-act THE DEVIL COMES TO RIVER BEND - click here for scene one  Day # 1537

                          The Devil Comes to River Bend (c) all rights reserved
                                            (one-act)  Scene 2 opening
                                              by Janet S. Tiger

first posted Day #1130 Dinner With the Devil (c) Mar. 18, 2017      

    (Jenkins stares at the headstone, then puts his hat back on and walks slowly off.   As he leaves, a woman is seen now, watching him, then going to the 'headstone'.  She leans over, shakes her head)

MOMMA -  You bought flowers. You paid for flowers for me, didn't cha. (Amazed)  You could take some of the flowers outta the ones for the other folk, put a couple here on my grave, make it look like somebody cares, I mean who would notice a few missin' flowers?  But no, you just too honest, boy.  Won't take a flower, won't remove the watches, or the money they put didn't learn nothin' from your Daddy, didja?  How many times did you hear him tell ya, where they're goin', no need for a gold watch, or fifty dollars.  No need for the Bibles either, but who the hell needs another Bible in this town?  You throw a stone you hit a Bible!  Must be more Bibles than people in River Bend!

        (She picks up a 'stone' and tries to throw it.  Shakes her head again)

Nothin', can't pick up nothin' when you're dead.  But I can hear, and I can see, and it's funny in a way, how you can see it all from this side of the grave.  How my boy, even though he had nothin' to do with any of this, ceptin he buried the dead, well, he's gonna be part of it.  Because he does a good job.  Didn't want anything rattlin' around in the coffin.....the dead gotta be good and quiet.....

        (She turns to leave, stops and looks back)

Or maybe just....quiet.....the good we'll leave to Jesus to sort out....won't we?

         (She leaves laughing at her own joke.   Lights down)


first posted Day # 202 Sept. 2, 2014                                 

               (Diane Walters enters carrying a heavy suitcase, purse, etc.  She lets it all slide as she surveys the room with a practiced eye.  She is not so young, but not old yet either.  She is sweaty, but still put together well.  She takes out her phone and pushes a button, talks quickly but clearly while unpacking.)

WALTERS - Notes. Friday afternoon. September first...

             (Looks at her watch)

1 P.M.   Arrived in town of River Ranch, Texas, since there is no Hilton here, nor any other  five, four, three or even two star hotel, am staying at the lovely local Motel six, of which six is still part of the price, but it is now 66, so if I add just one more 6, I might have an idea of what I'm getting into. I already see there are signs of several do I put it politely again?.....

          (Looks out from curtains on window)

.......long term people here.

Probably substance abuse, possibly just between homes.

Have taken a room close to manager's office just in case.

            (Hangs something on a hanger)

Flight from JFK to Austin uneventful, drive here about two hours in rented Ford, very uncomfortable on these dirt roads at the end.

            (She takes out a cigarette, then looks at the ceiling)

I wonder if that smoke alarm thingy still has batteries......

             (She pulls over a chair and stands on it, removing the smoke alarm and opening it.)

Well, that was time wasted, shoulda known someone else had smoked in here.

            (She takes a deep breath)

Still smelled normal.

            (She lights the cigarette, takes a deep breath, opens a map.)

After unpacking, will drive around town, should take all of five minutes.  Next stop, courthouse, speak with sheriff, get copies of files of Novak and Rodriguez cases.

Background - drunk driver kills two young boys,  crashes car, is dead, but not from crash, someone shot him in the head after the crash.  Father of two boys is in custody.  Gun not found, but shells for gun found in father's house.  Story origin - Sealy News, Austin county newspaper, Aug. 21st.

No recent homicides - very little local crime.  Except for the person who was killed.

            (She finishes the cigarette, crushes it out in an ashtray)

Send file.

           (She pushes button, then takes the phone and and it into a pocket, turns to leave.  Stop, surveys room one last time.)

But I'm sure it's safe.

            (Opens purse, takes out a gun, which she puts into another pocket,  then she turns as the lights go up on Mr. Rodriguez entering the witness box.  She starts to take notes.

Mr. Rodriguez is Maria Verduga's husband, beaten down, in his late 30s only, but still beaten down.  He has the look of a man who has worked hard all his life, calloused hands, broad shoulders, but he is in a suit.  He hangs his head a bit as he walks to face the audience. Then he squares his shoulders and stands up straight.   He raises his hand to swear.)

RODRIGUEZ -Yes, I promise to tell the truth.

My lawyer did not want me to talk.  But I know my rights.  I have the right to talk to you, the jury.  I have seen many TV shows, so I know how the law workshere.
           (He points into the audience at people)

And I know, you, my neighbors, know the truth, just like on TV.  The jury always knows the truth.  Because you know I did not kill Calvin, if he were here in front of me, right now, I still would not kill him.

         (He takes a deep breath, this is hard) 

But I would ask him, 'why, Calvin, did you have to kill my sons?'  We never did nothing to hurt you.  I barely know you.  Why did you drink so much?  I go to church, and the priest, he talks about God and he talks about the devil.  Was it the devil who bought you those drinks?  Did he make you get into the car and drive it into ...into my boys!........(Trying to control himself)  Me and my wife, we cannot have more babies, so why did you take them?

I cannot lie.   I do not know who killed you, and God himself knows I did not kill you....and he knows that I am not sad you are dead.

But not being sad is not a reason to say I killed you....  And....even if I knew who did, God also knows that I would not tell, because, in my heart, I know that what happened to you, is God's justice.

           (He turns to walk off, stops, looks back)

I just cannot figure out.....where was the justice in my sons' deaths? 

           (Lights down, end of scene 2)

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