Monday, October 30, 2017

Monologue Mania Day # 1355 Failing by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 30 , 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1355 Failing by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 30 , 2017  

                         (For Harvey - and the Senior Channel)
                                       A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © All rights reserved 2017

      (Older man enters, waves at crowd, comes on slowly, walking with a cane_

Before I tell everyone my politically incorrect views of the world - I want to let you know that I am officially failing.

Now mind you, I never failed one class in school, but now, at 87, just lost my wife of 60 years, and buried a daughter last year.....I overheard the doctor tell my kids that I am.....failing.

Failing not miserably, but magnificently I hope.

Because with failing, maybe I'll get famous, my moment in the sun.

You see, I made my money years ago, lots of it.  Now, I never had young girl assistants, and I never grabbed women who worked in my maybe, that's why my life has been quiet.  The press is not fond of good stories.  Oh, there's always a few column inches for the person who saves someone's life, or the child who helps a family in need.....but for sheer volume, you can't beat a scandal.

And so it goes with Harvey Wallbanger.....although the reality is, it isn't the walls he banged.

And I do not condone his behavior - or the behavior of those like him.  He did horrible things - and no one can possibly say he was right.

My question for the Senior Channel - why now?

According to the stories, his peccadillos have been legendary for decades.  Why not unmask his terrible behavior forty years ago?  Thirty?  Five?  Why not?  Because he was a success, that's why not!  He was making big movies, that made big money, and won big prizes.  But not recently, the last few years, the magic seemed to be he was, like me, failing.  And the world does not like failure.  Everybody loves a winner!

No one remembers the horse that came in third.....and so it is with our haloed heroes.  In 1933, the man of the year you remember?....Yes, the man of the year was....Adolf Hitler!  And, if that wasn't enough - he was again The Man of the Year in 1938!

And while he took over literally almost all of Europe - he was still considered to be a 'great' leader.

Until he lost.  Until he....failed.

Then no one liked him anymore.....just like everyone hates Harvey now.

Because he.....failed.

This society - this world! - hates the Harvey loses, and suddenly, all his years of crap emerges, like from a sewer pipe that has broken the surface of the street to spew forth crap all over the neighborhood.

Why didn't they do this sooner?  Because......he wasn't failing.  Failure.  The ultimate defeat.

I hear you asking for more examples - here's one.  A dearly beloved icon......Bill Cosby.

Why not go after Bill Cosby when his show is Number 1?  Because he's not failing!  Once he does, once his power is gone, kick him quick! 

And for my final person to watch- Roman Polanski!  Now there's a guy!  Not accused only, he was CONVICTED of statutory rape!  On a 13-year old girl!  And he was sentenced, and then ran from the sentencing.

But his movies - still big!  And when his movie THE PIANIST won the Academy - and he won for Best Director! - guess who gave him a STANDING OVATION?  You're right - everyone!  (Check here  - and keep watching for Adrian Brody winning and giving a big kiss to Halle Berry)

So who's to blame?  The person who keep doing the wrong thing - or those who allow it?  Perhaps I should say more accurately....those of US who allow it?

         (He turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Good question for the ages.....can we afford to keep failing at this?


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