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Monologue Mania Day # 1336 The First Refugees by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 11, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1336 The First Refugees by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 11, 2017    

                                                       The First Refugees ©
                                        A mini one-act by Janet S. Tiger   © All rights reserved 2017

Setting – simple set, bare stage

Characters – (in order of appearance)
                1 Female  youngish, yes, she is Eve
                1 Male       youngish, and he is Adam

 (A woman comes out walking slowly. She  is  carrying a big pile of stuff – she stumbles and                she is very annoyed, stops and pulls out an apple, starts to eat it, shakes her head.)

EVE -  Mmm, these are so good, what's the big deal about eating them?  I don't get it!  Kicked out 
            over a lousy apple!  I still can't believe he did it!  He thinks he's so big and powerful, ok, I get              it, he's God!  But I mean, who woulda thought?  That he'd actually follow through!  On his 
            own children!  Who does that?  And such a stupid thing, to eat an apple and get  kicked out!                I mean it wasn't like LSD or anything serious!  Boy, one tiny, little  mistake....okay we                          disobeyed, but hey, nobody's perfect, right?

            (She looks around)

EVE - And where the hell is Adam?  How come I get to carry all this stuff?  I hope this              
walking behind dragging everything is not gonna be a trend, because I don't like  it.....

           (She sets down the baggage and her coat falls open to show she is pregnant. She
rubs her belly)

EVE - And this is no great delight either.....I wonder how it happened….another          
mystery….well, whatever is in there is kicking up a storm......none of this was my fault....if I'd had a good soap opera to watch or maybe some HBO, I never would been having a latte with that stupid snake.  Well, I'll know better for next time.

             (She looks around)

EVE – Where is that man?  I’ll bet he forgot to take out the garbage before we left….I         
guess the garbage is no big deal, it’s a big world, plenty of room for   garbage…..What could possibly go wrong if we just throw the garbage wherever we want?........(She grabs her stomach)  Well, I'd better catch up with Adam, maybe he'll know what to do  about whatever's happening in here.......maybe some Pepto Bismol will help......

 (She grabs again, almost falls to her knees)

EVE - Whoa, that was no kick.......that was......painful.......What a sensation!  .But it also    felt
like, the beginning of something ......amazing........

               (She struggles to her feet, taking a few of the items with her)

EVE -..Where are we supposed to go anyhow?   We won't have maps for centuries! Let alone GPS!                And what are                   we   now?  

               (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

EVE -  We are just people seeking a place to land, a safe place.....a refuge...geez!  Wait a minute....that sounded  right.....refugees.....I'd better write that down before I forget............maybe I'll be able to get   through this after all......Able......hmm, maybe that's a good name.....for something

             (She rubs her belly, walks off slowly.  When she returns, she is with Adam, and they have a                  large baby   carriage - and she is visibly pregnant)

EVE -  Wow, this is a long walk......It's not easy being a...what was that word?

 (She searches for the note)

ADAM -  Refugees....

EVE -  That's both of us, I think the singular should be...refugee.....

           (Adam shakes his head, looks, then runs ahead)

ADAM -  I think this might be a good spot!  I don't see a lot of animals....oh wait, there's some 
          animals with a sign.....'no refugees allowed here- keep moving'

EVE -  (Looks)  I don't think they spelled it right......

ADAM -  I don't think they care.....uh, oh, they saw us, maybe we should head that way...

          (He points in another direction)

ADAM -  Come on, they look angry!

EVE -  I'm tired, and I'm hungry....don't I qualify for....a pregnant pause?

ADAM -  (Annoyed)  When we finish running, you can eat some of those apples you love...  (under               his breath)  That's why we have to keep moving....

EVE -  Can you ever let that go?

           (He puts her into the carriage and starts to push, looking behind him)

ADAM -  How about you ride and I push, it'll go faster.....I'm sure glad I invented the wheel....hope                they remember it in that big book....

EVE -  How could anyone forget.....and thank you, this carriage thing is a good idea.  You have some             good ideas.  You know, I may complain sometimes….

ADAM – (Under his breath)  Sometimes?

EVE -  (She chooses to ignore this)  But I appreciate how you think about things, and try to solve

            (They hug, and then Adam looks around)

ADAM -  Look, everything is gonna be ok - we won't have to run forever -they can't keep us out of              every place on earth!  

EVE  -  This refugee stuff is not the easiest.....I mean, why do the animals hate us so much?  We don't hate them!  We just want to live in peace!

ADAM – Look..if you hadn’t listened to that snake….

          (They start to exit, still arguing)

EVE -  If I hadn’t listened?  What about you, Mr. Still Forgets to Take Out the Garbage?

ADAM -  Will you ever let that go?

 EVE -  (A revelation)  Maybe, letting go of old ideas, and...prejudices, that's the hard part......

ADAM -  Maybe.......I understand...

             (They hug, and Eve smiles)

ADAM-  Wow, maybe I have learned a little about the opposite sex.....?

            (They look at each other and shake their heads)

 TOGETHER (Together, smiling)- Nah....

               (They head offstage, and we hear them in the distance)

EVE -  When we find a nice place to settle down, you know, near a river, with good schools ... our                  wandering days will be over, we'll be  ok, we won't ever have to move again.....and we'll                      be remembered for all our firsts.....first people...

            (She rubs her belly)

EVE -  First baby......first refugees....

ADAM -  Odds two to one, they'll be remembering the apple......

          (They keep arguing as lights dim, the end....of the beginning)

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