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Monologue Mania Day # 1170 For A Good Time....Call by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 28 , 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1170 For A Good Time....Call  by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 28 , 2017                   
                                       For A Good Time.... Call

                    ©Janet S. Tiger 2017 all rights reserved

          (The woman enters with a cell phone)

Good talking to you, it 40 years?  No.....43, well that's better!

When I was...younger....I used to go to dances.  I don't know if young people go to dances any more, but I did.  And I had fun, and met a lot of nice young men.

And I would give out my phone number - because in those days, that was what you did.

So I would get phone calls from these young men, and of course, I could not remember who they were.  Now because I got these calls, and made many friends, I did not really notice that I was getting more calls than usual, and the calls were a can put it, different?

Whereas young men who met me at dances would remind me of how we'd met, but now, when some called, the meeting point was vague.  What I looked like was more important, somehow, and this was annoying.  Did they get so many phone numbers they forgot which girls went with which phone numbers?

Then a guy called, and was very evasive, and I decided to be blunt.  'Where did we meet?'  He hemmed and hawed and said we hadn't met in person.  So where had he gotten my number?  From a friend?  Not exactly.  What does that mean?  I finally got it out of him in a question that was meant as a joke.  Was it on a bathroom wall?  Well, yes.

I was stunned.  What did that mean?  I mean, I know what it meant, but who would do that?  I thought I was a bit more discrete, had better taste than to choose dates who would do that!  Maybe I was wrong.....with a few more questions, I squeezed out the location - a place I frequented with friends, a place by the water, with boats to rent, and a nice restaurant, and public toilets!

Even though I was tempted to meet this one, my friends convinced me to avoid any guy who would meet a girl through a bathroom door.  (I have always wondered if they were right, considering who they all ended up marrying)

But I went to the bathroom with one of my friends - she watched while I snuck into the men's room and.....found the notice!  On a prominent wall, no less - and since the whole thing was carved into the wood, I took a pen and I changed the name and phone number - sorry whoever got called next!

The calls stopped instantly - and after a few days, I wondered if I missed them.  Another friend suggested I could always go back and put my name up again.

Such good friends!  Like you, dear, you were with me that day in the bathroom.  It was years before I realized something - when I first went in to look for my name, I couldn't find it.  You were the one who suggested I look by the toilet paper roll.  How would you have known that?  Unless, of course, you put it there.


How long have I known?

Does it matter?  We call each other every day now, still friends after all these years, so.....I guess you can still say.....for a good me.

          (Exits.  End of scene)


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