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Monologue Mania Day # 1159 The Missing Element (for Osculation) by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 16 , 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1159 The Missing Element (for Osculation) by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 16 , 2017               
           (This scene is at the beginning of the play, not sure exactly where, but it will fit eventually!  Other scenes from this play are on these days - Days # 308,396, 470, 490, 698, 750, 804, 817,825, 1060, 1100, 1133, 1146, 1150, 1151, 1153 and today 1159)
                                       The Missing Element
                                                                          (for Osculation)by Janet S. Tiger  
                                                                           (c) 2017 all rights reserved

            (Scene opens with audible on Ariana saying the final elements of the periodic table, 
lights coming up as she is almost done)

ARIANA - (like a robot) Number 108  Hassium  Symbol Hs  Atomic wt.  277 discovered 1984 and 
number 109 Meitnerium  Symbol Mt  Atomic wt. 268   discovered 1982.  The end. Until they 
discover another one.  

ISAAC -  (Impressed)  Very good!  You have an amazing memory, Ariana.

ARIANA -  The fact none of these mean anything to me means nothing to you, does it?

ISAAC -  Look, we only have a couple of weeks here, and you can't learn everything, but the memory 
stuff, that helps - a lot.  You got through some impressive lists here.  Periodic Table......

ARIANA - Let's not forget the subcategories....

ISAAC -  And you did the phylogenetic tree.....and the hierrarchy of all the classifications ....

ARIANA -  (Smiling) Did you know phylum comes from 'tribe'....... I like biology.....

ISAAC -  (Uncomfortable)  Now, if you can remember them for the decathalon, we have a chance.

ARIANA -  Don't worry, I can remember.  What level of chance are we talking here?

ISAAC -  Well, from what I've studied, the test has a certain percentage of questions involving rote
memorization - like this chart.  Then there's the math, which, I do pretty well in, and then the history 
and English, where your memory really helps, so together, we have a strong team.  Our weaknesses and 
strengths complement each other.

ARIANA - So you're giving me a compliment?

ISAAC -  Somehow you manage to twist everything I do you do that?

ARIANA -  Are you saying I'm twisted?

ISAAC -  Speaking of twisted, I saw you talking with that guy Carson.....

ARIANA -  So you've been stalking me?

ISAAC -  (Too quick)  No!  I mean, I happened to notice, that's all....

ARIANA -  He seems like a smart guy.

ISAAC -  Oh, he's smart all right.  Too smart.  Be careful with him.

ARIANA - Do you have a problem with me talking to other guys?

ISAAC -  (Too quick)  No!  I mean, maybe that guy, he's.....I don't know....weird.

ARIANA -  Now that's a helpful evaluation.   Any specifics?  I mean, is he weird sleeps in a Bugs Bunny
costume or weird puts cameras in the girls bathroom weird...i mean, how do you know he's weird?
Are you a friend of his?

ISAAC -  No....

ARIANA -  An enemy?

ISAAC -  I don't know him that well....I just have a...a bad feeling about him.

ARIANA -  Well, thank you Sir Isaac Galahad Newton for wanting to defend me from weird guys
you have a bad feeling about!

ISAAC -  Look, I just mean...

ARIANA -  Do you have a feeling about me?  Good feeling....bad feeling?

ISAAC - (Embarassed)  Uh...uh....

ARIANA -  So eloquent!

ISAAC -  I don't have a bad feeling about you....I have a ....I don't know, talking about him makes me

ARIANA -  I think talking about any kind of feeling makes you feel uncomfortable......
Well here's something to think about.....there's a missing element on the Periodic Table.....

ISAAC -  (Glad to talk about science)  Oh, there are a lot, and they find them often, the empty spots are
where the missing elements will go in the.....

ARIANA -  Oh, no, not those ....this element is already there, but you can't see it, even though it's right
in front of your face......

            (The bell rings and she turns to leave, looks back)

ARIANA -  It's the element of....surprise......

            (She kisses him and leaves quickly, he is stunned.  End of scene)


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