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Monologue Mania Day # 1163 The Stand-in by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 20 , 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1163 The Stand-in by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 20 , 2017                   
                From a movie/play still floating in my brain

                                                The Stand -In

                                                   (Not) a monologue by
                    ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

         (Two women are in the room. Both have similar features - same height, weight, but otherwise very different personalities. Ginger Fox is an actress, and Violet Burnside is a writer, more quiet, reserved.  She is explaining the idea to Ginger, who is a bit stunned.)

GINGER -  Let me understand this.....whew, I could really use a drink now.

VIOLET -  Would you like some water, or coffee, or juice?

GINGER -  No, I said....a 'drink'- as in, something to kind of settle nerves that do not quite get this whole very strange proposition of yours!

VIOLET -  First of all, perhaps I did not explain clearly, this is not a proposition, it is a job offer, and as an actress, I would think, a very good opportunity to allow you to use all your talents.

GINGER -  Okay, I don't know what plays you ever went to, but, here's the 411 - in a play, after the play is over, you take off your make-up and go home and you get to yourself.

VIOLET -  That would be fine in the hotel rooms.  You could meet reporters in a restaurant or even a bar, I suppose.  Your hotel room could be off limits - just for you.

GINGER-  You want me to not just act a part, you want me to BE the part, and the part is completely improv - but with a ton of memorization involved - because the part is ...YOU! And you have written 38 books!  All romance!  And I would have to memorize all those titles and all those characters!

VIOLET -  Okay, I see there are no misunderstandings, I'm so glad, I was worried that my explanation would be inadequate.  And if you prefer, it's not that you would be me, perhaps you could think of it like would be my....stand-in.

GINGER -  (Laughs)  Stand-in!  You really think you could pull this off?  Where will you be hiding?  In the shower?  Under the bed?

VIOLET -  Oh, I won't be going on the book tour with you, I'll be right here.....working on my next book.  Don't you see, I have no interest in crowds at all, and I have absolutely no interest in traveling all over the country to talk to crowds.  I like to write.  And if you you put it....become me.....I get to write and you, as an actress, get to act.  It seems very simple to me.  From what I understand, your last paying theater work was seven months ago, and your rent is two months overdue.  So I am offering a place to stay - here - when not on tour - paid training where you learn to  And then to travel, to stay in nice hotels, and eat good food -  for a substantial amount of money.  I see no problems with this at all.  It's a win-win situation.

         (Ginger goes over to Violet and looks at her closely)

GINGER-  We are pretty similar, but your eyes are different.

VIOLET -  Contacts can fix that.

GINGER - What about....if I want to......go out on do we handle that?

VIOLET -  (Thinking)  Not difficult.  You bring a wig and your own clothing.

GINGER -  (Smiles)  I like to drink....

VIOLET -  So long as you don't get drunk and reveal this little secret of ours.....of course if you do, you won't get's in the contract....

           (She shows the contract to Ginger, who looks and her eyes widen)

GINGER -  I would have to pay back all the money!  

VIOLET -  It's called an incentive to follow the rules.....

GINGER -  Incentive, threat, I thought you were a pushover, but I kind of like this crazy idea.....who knows, maybe it will work.....

VIOLET -  I don't see what could go wrong.....

            (Ginger looks at Violet, then looks up)

GINGER -    Somehow, I expect those words to be on a gravestone........

         (End of scene)


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