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Monologue Mania Day # 1164 More from The Stand-in by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 21 , 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1164 More from The Stand-in by Janet S. Tiger (c) April 21 , 2017                   
                From a movie/play still floating in my brain - another scene Day #1163

                                       More from         The Stand -In

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           (Ginger is sitting with an icebag on her head, surrounded by newspapers as Violet reads them, more and more horrified)

VIOLET -  When you told me you liked to drink, I thought I made it clear, that a little drinking was not a problem, but this.....

            (She waves the papers at Ginger)

VIOLET -  This is me they're talking about!  ME!  This is a picture of me dancing on a table in some bar!

           (She puts the paper in front of Ginger, who pushes it away, weakly, then grabs it and stares, smiling faintly)

GINGER-  But they spelled your name right!

            (Violet is speechless)

GINGER-  Don't you know the first commandment of publicity - they can say whatever they want, just spell your name right!

VIOLET -  You think this is funny, don't you?

GINGER-  Honey, right now, I am not thinking at all, about anything except a giant bell in my head!

VIOLET -  I don't think you were thinking two nights ago, when a fool out of yourself...

GINGER-  Wait a minute, that's not true....I made a fool out of you!


             (Violet sits down heavily, then takes the ice pack and puts it on her head)

GINGER -  Cheer up, things could be worse....

             (The phone rings)

GINGER -  Then again, I could be wrong....

             (Violet looks at the number and shudders)

VIOLET - This is my agent, who arranged this whole thing....

GINGER -  (Starting to get worried)  Was he there last night?  

VIOLET -  We'll find out.....

             (She answers the phone and listens, shaking her head)

VIOLET -  Yes, I know, I'm so sorry, I don't what came over me....

            (She stands up straight, looks at Ginger in surprise)

VIOLET -  What?  Really?  Okay......yes, I'll stop at two drinks next time.....thank you Alex.....

            (She hangs up and Ginger is not sure what is happening)

GINGER -  How bad was I, I mean you, or I fired?

VIOLET -  Well, it turns out.....the signing was...... a success......

              (Violet gives a big sigh of relief, then groans)

VIOLET -  (Still stunned)  The audience loved you....

GINGER - (Starts to preen)  Well, I did do a pretty good job of you...

VIOLET -  It's worse than that...

GINGER -  Worse than being loved?  You mean, they adored me?

VIOLET -  They want you to come back.....and the publicity has kicked the books sale up to double what they expected, and it's just one day......

GINGER -  So I'm not it, that you're not fired, so I'm not fired.....boy this is confusing!

VIOLET -  Perhaps the best verbiage is....WE are not fired.....

           (She looks at Ginger and they both laugh.  End of scene)


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