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Monologue Mania Day # 251 by Janet S. Tiger Changes Oct. 21, 2014

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Monologue Mania  Day # 251 by Janet S. Tiger  Changes   Oct. 21, 2014 
                              A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

              (A woman comes up on stage, confident, she smiles to the audience.) 

No, it's all right, my name is Amanda Hatch and I'm not nervous.   Not anymore.   I used to be very afraid of speaking in front of an audience.    In fact, there were many things I was afraid of - meeting people, flying, sleeping in a different bed.....but I have made a lot of changes recently and it was all because of a visit to the doctor.

It was just my regular annual check-up and they did the regular things, .....and a mammogram.  (harder to talk about)  Those are never fun, but....this time....(Snaps out of it)   Anyhow, I felt perfectly healthy.  No problems.... So it was a complete surprise when they told me I had cancer, and that it was a very unpleasant kind and that there was a good chance that....(swallows hard) I was going to die.....very soon.   It felt like...you know those pendulums in clocks like Big Ben?   Like that hit me......and then kept hitting me as if it was 100 o'clock!

Well, let me tell you, if that doesn't change your life, I don't know what will!   Suddenly, talking in front of a crowd seemed much less worrisome!

And so I decided if this was the end for me, I was going to make some big changes.  The next day, I called up, and I went skydiving.

I've always been scared of heights, and the one time I flew in a plane I was sick the whole trip.   I even took the bus home so I wouldn't have to do that again!

And now, I have actually jumped out of a plane!   (Happy)  Usually it takes awhile to get to jump, but I explained what happened, and they took me up right away with an instructor holding me all the way down..... And it was amazing!  I loved every minute!   I don't remember even being a little afraid, and the sensations!   Like a bird!

And once I did that, the next change was that I quit my job.   I always hated working for Mr. Delbing - he was cheap and he didn't appreciate how much I did for his company!    But now, I had my excuse.    Funny thing, once I quit - he called me up to tell me how much he missed me - even offered me my job back with more money!   Ain't life weird?

But the biggest change was talking to people.   I'd always been nervous to speak with someone new - to be honest, even people I'd worked with for years!   Now, it didn't matter what they thought of me - I found out, I just didn't care!   What freedom!  What exhiliration!  and this was all in the first three days after the results!......(Sighs)

And then...... I got the phone call....(Shakes her head in disbelief)  It was a mistake.   It seems that, in an odd coincidence, there was another A. Hatch, and she was the one who was sick, not me. 

So, have I made all these changes for nothing?   Hell, no!   I realized that I could change without something horrible happening, and so now I try new things all the time.   I'm even going out with my skydiving instructor and....... Mr. Delbing!   So my advice - don't wait for a pendulum to smack you in the head.   Make those changes today!

            (She starts to walk offstage, then turns back)    

Oh, and I did change one other thing -...my doctor!

              (She exits.  Definitely not the end)


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