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Monologue Mania Day# 255 by Janet S. Tiger Operation Firefly- opening scenes Oct. 25, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day# 255 by Janet S. Tiger  Operation Firefly - opening scenes    Oct. 25, 2014 
      Another monologue from this movie is on Day #58

                                             Operation Firefly (opening scenes)
                             A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

             (It is dark and there is the sound of men breathing, then the sound of it a person running?  The visuals are fast, frightening, soldiers running, a glimpse of something, then the face of a frightened soldier, and another soldier who is in charge.  Everything stops suddenly, breaths are held and there is a shot that rings out.  Blackness.

            Then laughter, and we see the soldiers, all black, around a campfire, roasting a small animal, enjoying a story that will grow over the years.  One of the men takes a bite off a stick, and is very happy.  This is Jonah, and he is a big guy, and he waves the stick in the air)

Whoooeeee!  Well, this is the best meal I've had since I been in this here army!  Mmmmm.....and this is the most excitement we have had since we have joined this here army and come to this goddamned place in the middle of nowhere!

Damned rabbits!  At least we get a midnight snack, well, I for one will not be here for much longer, my friends......

            (The others are amazed and respond with surprise)

 That's right, my friends, I am gettin' outta here, to some place better'n this!  And I am gonna get to jump outta planes!

            (He illustrates by leaping to his feet and then going to a rock and jumping off)
 The others laugh and point.  He listens, laughs)

 I heard you, Walter.  (Imitates a high pitched voice, mocking)  'Drop outta planes?  What the hell you talkin' about?  They musta dropped you on your head when you was a baby!'

You heard me - I am gonna be a paratrooper, jump into the middle of the German lines....or the Japs, and I am gonna kill me a million of 'em.  And I'm gonna write back to alla you here, on this goddamned hot desert and you are gonna wish you signed up with me!

It's a buddy of mine, from back when we were in school together, and he wrote me and told me it was a top secret mission, and they only want us.  Can you believe it?  Only us.  So I said 'hell yeah!' anythin' to get me the hell outta this boilin' hot place with food so spicy and no decent ribs for a thousand miles!  I would sign up with the devil himself to make sure I was gonna get outta this place!

And I am givin' alla you the same opportunity!    We can sign up together!  They need a whole  10 platoons - 300 guys!  We can do it!  Come on!  Are you gonna sit here and sweat out every night on this border knowin' that not one Jap is tryin' to sneak through these damn cactusus when they have perfectly good submarines! 

Are you gonna wait for another damn rabbit to give you a tiny bit of excitement and a story you gonna make up for your family?  Are you gonna be men?  Or are you gonna be......

             (He stamps his foot down and picks up a small animal by the tail)


          (Next shot will be of Jonah and his friends in a truck, with his buddies shaking their heads.  End of scene)

Based on a true story -  Another monologue from this movie is on Day #58

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