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Monologue Mania Day Day # 248 by Janet S. Tiger What Day is it Today? Oct. 18, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day  Day # 248 by Janet S. Tiger   Oct. 18, 2014 
                                                What Day is it Today? 
                                      A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

               (Scarves are whirling, and the actress is barely seen underneath them all.  There are many, all different colors, patterns, you get the idea - a lot of scarves.  After a few moments of mayhem, the actress lets them fall, and takes a deep breath.)

My, where did all these come from?  Is it scarf day today?

             (She picks up one of the scarves, drapes it on her shoulders)

I wore this one on a Saturday night, to the Embassy Ball, and I had on the black dress which was cut to my......

            (Runs her finger up her leg)

Up to my nether regions!

So is it Saturday now again?

Or is it Tuesday?  Is it garbage day?  Did I forget to take out the pails?  Or did it switch to Wednesday because of the holiday on Monday....what holiday was it?  They make it difficult to remember because they're all on Monday...or Friday, even Christmas, I think, which is not fair.  I don't think Jesus likes that they are playing with his birthday.......

         (She thinks for a moment)

Or.....did I forget to take my pills?  That's easy, I take the pills every day!  Except when I forget, of course, which could be any day.....

         (She picks up another scarf)

I got this one on a Thursday in the summer, on my tenth birthday, from that girl down the street I was best friends with.....what was her name?  Is she still alive?  Does she come to visit me?

I always hated this scarf, but since we were friends, I would wear it when I saw her.

The things we do for friends.  I seem to recall that I also wore it when I slept with her husband, what was his name......Andy, I think, or was it Thomas? .......

          (She picks up two scarves and ties them together)

These two go together, because I got them on holiday, two years in a row at that lovely place by the sea.......Brighton?  One for each baby that was born ...nine months later.

           (She suddenly sits)

Do I remember these, or did I just find them all in a box at that thrift shop around the corner?  If I did, it cannot be Sunday, because they are closed on Sunday, so that narrows it down.  And I am making up all these stories because I have no idea what day it is today, and .....I do not care, because it is completely unimportant now which day it is. I used to be so angry about things I had done on other days.  Days in the past, days long gone.  Days I could not return to, no matter how I tried.  Mistakes that were sealed in time, never to be repaired, frozen forever in the past.  How I used to wail and rail and go on about how I would have changed things.  But then, something happened and I realized....what day is it today?  How can I make today a good day.  Somehow, when you get to understand that there is no returning to those past days, those days of yore, your days, my days, all the days gone by.........

           (She rises, gathering the scarves, letting them wash over her, then watching them fall to the floor.)

Funny how all the things you think are important, suddenly, are no longer so very important.....

           (She turns to leave, looks back)

When you die.......

           (She exits.  This is the end for her.)


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