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Monologue Mania Day #988 Pinned by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 27, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #988 Pinned by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 27,  2016 


                   by Janet S. Tiger
              © all rights reserved 

               (An older woman comes onstage, she is dressed in a nightgown and is holding 

               something in her hand)

Pinned.  Funny word.  (She is thinking)

When I was a 14, I had my first boyfriend, and we got pinned.

               (She looks down, and she can almost see the pin on her gown.)

I think I still have that pin somewhere in the attic.  A little gold heart that he won at the County Fair.  Jody - he had such nice brown eyes.

               (Remembering, smiling)   

That was so lovely.

He was a wrestler, and when he won a match, they would say he pinned the other fellow.  Same word.   But in some ways, he pinned me that way, too!  We got married young, and that kind of pins you down, but I didn't mind.

Then we had children, and we didn't have throwaway diapers back then, so the diapers had to be pinned using these - (she holds up the package)  safety pins.

If you got it right, it was ok, but if you poked those little hineys, oooh, that was not a quiet moment in the middle of the night!  (She laughs, then is quiet)

He was in the Marines during World War II - some of the worst battles of the Pacific, and he told me whenever it got bad, and the bullets were thick, when they were...pinned down.....he would think of me, and somehow that helped him get through.

He almost lost his leg on Okinawa, but they pinned it back together, and even though he limped, he was still my same Jody with the brown eyes, and I wish he were still here to dance with me, limp or not.

            (She moves as if dancing, starts to sway, stops)

Now I can barely move, but somehow, when I get into bed, I roll, so, my granddaughter had an idea.  When she first suggested it, I was not exactly happy.  But after I fell out of bed one night, I decided, maybe, just maybe she was right.

Even though you get old, you can't be tied to all your old ideas -  maybe I should say you can't be pinned to them?

Anyhow, that's who I'm waiting for now - my granddaughter, who is going to have me pinned –into my bed.  So I can sleep.  You see, she takes these safety pins, and she pins my nightgown right onto the sheets.  Shoulders, knees, and I’m fine. I don’t roll out of bed.


Who'd a thought?

           (She starts to walk offstage.)

Honey, I’m ready to go to sleep!  I need to be pinned!  

           (When she is almost offstage, she turns back  - she’s thought of something.)

There is a bright side – she has yet to stick me in the hiney!

          (She exits.   The end.)


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