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Monologue Mania Day #965 Getting Help (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 4, 2016

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 Monologue Mania Day #965 Getting Help (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 4, 2016
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                                                 Getting Help           
                                         (for Caregivers Anonymous)
                                                    A monologue 
                                                  by Janet S. Tiger   
                                     c)  2016    all rights reserved

          (The older woman rises to speak, she is shaking a bit, but steadies by holding the table)

Just thought of something I hadn't thought of in awhile.....

I was eight years old, and I would get home from school, and the first thing I would do is I would take my grandma out of her wheelchair, so she could go to the bathroom and all.

With no one at home, she was stuck in there all day,   My mom worked, and my dad was long gone, and we were all at school all day.....

So I couldn't stop and play with my friends after school, I had to go right home.

           (She sits down heavily)

We take so many things for granted.  Little things, like standing up from a chair.  I have trouble now, but I can still do it.  So I don't need anyone to come in to help......not yet.....

It's funny, sometimes my friends would say to me, 'that's tough that you have to go home right away, and you can't play'.....but I never thought of it like that, I thought of it like it was something really important, because I knew it was.  My grandma was sweet, the only person who smiled at me whenever she saw me.

One day, I got home, and she wasn't in the wheelchair!  I was scared, but then I looked around and I saw her holding onto furniture coming down the hall, and I went to help her, and she said she didn't need any help, she could do it.....and she could!  I was almost crying, and I asked her if that meant ....she didn't need me anymore....and she just held me tight, and then she sat down in the wheelchair, and she said, 'I been practicing gettin up and goin to the bathroom all by myself, so's you can play with your friends after school some days.....don't you wanna play with your friends?

And I just held onto her and hugged her, because I knew how hard it had been for her to get up.  It's ok. grandma, I can play after I help you.  And she smiled.....and I knew then, that's what I wanted to do - help people who couldn't help themselves.

Now, I'm almost to the point where I need that help myself, and I was feeling bad about asking my grandchildren, but maybe.....helping isn't such a bad thing for children.....maybe it teaches them....what's coming.....

            (She stands to leave, stops, looks back)

Gotta go, have to make a phone call....a very important phone call....

            (She exits.  End of scene)

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