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Monologue Mania Day #977 Endings by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 16, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #977 Endings  by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 16,  2016

 Alert - Strange one!

                                     (Not a) Monologue by Janet S. Tiger   
                                     c)  2016    all rights reserved

Two characters – both gender neutral – have fun actors!

      (Lights up.  First actor is in a room filled with papers – all over –– everywhere – like on tables on        the floor -you get the idea- a real mess.  The actor is not much better – let’s give a name – Pat.            Pat is pacing,  pulling out hair, desperately trying to organize papers – you get the idea again –            also a real mess. )

PAT -  (Moaning)  What am I gonna do?  Oh, my God, look at the time!

            (Checks a watch, the computer, the clock, still bad!  Suddenly the door bursts open and the                    second actor appears, very upset.  How about….Jordan,,,,sees Pat and is horrified.)

JORDAN -  What the hell’s going on?  Is it ready?  We’ve been waiting all afternoon!

PAT -  Is it ready?  IS IT READY?  Don’t you think I would’ve sent it down if it was ready?  What 
        kind of crazy do you think I am?

JORDAN -  Don’t set me up like that!  We are opening in …..(looks at watch) 28 hours!  What do              you have?

PAT -  You see what I have!

            (Indicates the piles)

PAT  - Nothing!  I have nada, zip, NOTHING!

JORDAN -  And a whole lot of it….

PAT -  What am I gonna do?  I’m gonna be ruined!

JORDAN – No, ruined is a….strong word….

PAT -  You’re right, ruined was my third flop, this would be….DESTROYED!

JORDAN – Now, calm down, your first play was great….I mean, it was up for the Pulitzer…                      remember?

PAT -  Remember?  Wasn’t that a million years ago?

JORDAN -  Okay, the last few have been…. Not as good…

PAT -  Not as good?  NOT AS GOOD!  They stunk!  And this one is gonna stink without an ending!

JORDAN – Okay….let’s take a look, maybe we can use something here…

            (Goes through papers)

JORDAN – How about a good joke at the end….a strong laugh line?

PAT – It’s a drama!  You can’t end a drama on a laugh!

JORDAN – Okay, how about a meaningful glance and exit for me?  I can do that….

         (Illustrates a glance and slinking out)

PAT -  Terrible!

JORDAN – Thanks a lot!  Okay….how about a song?  One that sums up the whole play in one   
          meaningful verse?

PAT -  I’ve never written a song!   And you can’t sing!

JORDAN -  Look, I’ve stuck with you for eight years – through six different pieces of….six                 plays that were received by the critics as if they were made out of C4!  Because they                             were bombs!  And my career has not done well by it either, so come up with something                       or   we’re through!  No more collaboration, no more drunken parties, no more sex!

PAT – And that is supposed to make me try harder?  It is an incentive to do nothing!

JORDAN -  Okay….okay…how about this…..

(Thinking, reaches into a pocket, pulls out a gun, shoots, Pat stumbles and falls dead.  Jordan looks, nods)

JORDAN -  Yeah, that works….

            (Jordan goes to the computer and types, prints and turns to leave, stops, looks back)

JORDAN -  Exits, smiling!

            (Another semi-happy ending)

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