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Monologue Mania Day #793 The Ides of April (revised) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Apr. 15, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #793 The Ides of April (revised) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Apr. 15,  2016 
            Originally posted Apr. 15, 2014  Day #62  for other sections of The Donut Diaries, please see Days # 41, 43, 48, 138, 139, 144

                    The Ides of April (c)
                                     by Janet S. Tiger 
                                    © all rights reserved 

For Donut Diaries -  We see this young man throughout the play, he is always dressed in an unusual way - one shoe different from the other - odd hats for the holidays.  This will be the first time he speaks more than 'hello,' or 'time for St. Patrick's Day!
(A man comes onstage – he is young and has wings and he is running and jumping.  He     looks around wildly – smiling, happy.  The others eating donuts mostly ignore him.)

Hi!  I’m having so much fun!  Wheeeeee!  

            (He whirls about, gets a little dizzy)

Do you know who I am?  Think about it for a minute while I play…..

            (He runs throughout the tables)

Can you guess?

            (At this we see the pixie come and wave at him.  He waves back.)

Oh yes, we have an interesting relationship, the two of us.

            (He turns – the pixie is beckoning him, but instead of going he looks at the audience and   starts to move in slow motion.)  

Let me give you a clue…….

            (He now circles with his arms, looks disappointed with the non-response)

If you can’t guess, I will just have to tell you!

            (The pixie whistles, and the man looks over, shakes his head.)

Oh, all right, I’m coming!  

            (He turns to go offstage, then looks back.)

You didn’t figure it out, did you?  ……(Conspiratorily)  You almost have it….that’s right….I’m very hard to manage…. … …..I’m always here but you never notice me until I’m gone……. which I will be soon ….oh, yes, it is a paradox.....everyone wants more of me but…….no one ever notices me passing….and no one ever appreciates me until I’m …..gone…… ….

            (He points to someone in the audience)

You got it!.....I am…..(ta-da!)…… time!  and right now…..

            (He sprints off, calling over his shoulder)

…… I’m running out!

            (And he does.  Which is what is happening - time IS running out on filing!              Do you wait until the very end, well here it is.  The end.  Now go file a tax)
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