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Monologue Mania Day #781 Early Onset by Janet S. Tiger (c) Apr. 3, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #781 Early Onset by Janet S. Tiger (c) Apr. 3,  2016 

                                                        Early Onset (scene 1)
                                                (Not)  A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                   © 2016 all rights reserved 
    Set - A middle class home, living room, part of kitchen, doors leading to bedrooms and patio offstage.

FATHER, FRANK Sr-  In his late 70s, taking care of his
SON, FRANK Jr. - in his late 50s, but already with strong signs of Alzheimers, although he is still physically fit

      (Lights up to show Frank, Jr. sitting and looking at pictures in an album.  Frank Sr comes in, still dressed in pajamas, slow, his arthritis is acting up, goes to start making breakfast)

JR -  Morning, Dad

SR - Good morning, son, did you sleep well?

JR  -  Yeah, sure.  I'm hungry

SR - I'll have your cereal in a few minutes.

JR -  Can I go to play basketball?

SR -  We'll see....

JR -  I like to play basketball with the guys.

SR -  Not everyone's like you....with your....early retirement and all......They can't play until after work, remember?

JR -  Remember?  Can I remember what?

SR -  Are you joking?  I mean, we both know you're at the start of this whole, you know....

JR -  Is it the start, Dad?  Or am I a good piece along the road?

SR -  Why do you look at those old pictures? You know it makes you....upset.....

JR - I'm not upset.....I look at them because.... because I like to see if I can remember who's's easier with a picture, somehow.  I mean this is me, when I was little, because I remember Mom in this.....I was only two.....three.....right?

            (Frank Sr is agitated by this, brings over a bowl of cereal to the table)

SR -  Here, have your cereal....

JR -  Okay.

          (Frank Jr. brings the album to the table, but his father takes it and puts it on a bookshelf)

SR -  We don't bring pictures to the table.  They can get dirty when you eat.

JR - I can look later, though, right, Dad?

SR -  (Annoyed)  Yeah, sure.....

JR - Where's my juice?

SR -  Sorry....

       (He gets two glasses and brings them to the table)

SR -  Here.....

JR -  I like the pictures.  I like to play basketball.  Even when I was a kid, I liked to play was taught me when I was little....when Mom was still had one of those small hoops, and I would have a smaller version of the basketball......remember?

SR -  I remember....

JR - Can I go play basketball after breakfast?

SR -  We have to go to the doctor today....before you play basketball....we'll be going soon....

JR -  Oh, I forgot.....are you taking me?

SR -  Yes, I'm taking you.

JR -  Where's Terry?

SR-  (Sighs)  You and Terry got divorced 10 years ago, when you were still on the force.

JR -  Oh, but where is she?

SR -  She's still in Los came here....after the divorce....

JR -  Did we have any kids?

SR -  No kids.....

JR -  So I didn't kill Terry?

SR -  No, you didn't kill Terry.

JR - The day you killed Mom, you told me to go out and play basketball, remember?

SR -  What?

JR -  You guys had a fight, and then you pushed her down the stairs, and you told me I should go outside and play basketball.....

SR-  (To himself) You forgot everything else, but that you remember?

JR -  Whenever I wanted to talk about it, you would have me go outside and play basketball.....

SR -  Don't say that anymore, it sounds bad...

JR -  Okay....can I go play basketball now?

SR -  In a little while.....when the guys get back from work....then you can play.....after 4 o'clock

JR -  What time?

SR -  Later......

JR -, I can go play basketball now?  Where'd you put the basketball, Dad?

SR -  It's in the car.....

JR - Can I drive?

SR -  Not anymore.....finish your juice, we gotta get going.....

        (Frank Jr finishes the juice as his father watches.  Lights dim on scene one)

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