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Monologue Mania Day #282 by Janet S. Tiger Dead Nov. 21, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #282 by Janet S. Tiger   Dead Nov. 21, 2014 
    Sorry this was a bit past midnight, but I did write it in my head earlier in the day!  Thank you, Scripteasers, for the great reading of Not So Fast! (see Day # 281)

                                     (from the movie - It's a Wonderful Life Insurance Policy)
                                     A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

            (The woman speaking is in her fifties, but is in good shape.  She is tanned and smiling, and is wearing waitress clothing, down to her shoes.  She throws her bag on the chair, puts her hands on her hips.)

How long have you known?

            (She puts up her hand to stop the response)

Stupid question.  I should have known I couldn't fool you.....I mean, we've been practically like sisters, right?  Except for the fact that you would be the rich sister, and I'm the one that ended up needing help.  But that's ok, I never resented you having all that money when I had money myself.


           (She indicates the waitress uniform)

This put things in a whole new perspective.....

           (She listens)

Interesting question....what's it been like......what is it be..... dead?

I mean, and not really be dead.  To be .....not me, for the first time in my entire life.

It has been a crazy idea, committing suicide.....or at least, convincing most of the world it was a suicide.  But in the oddest way, it has been like breaking free.....for the first few weeks, I couldn't even go see my family, so I was totally on my own.

The sensation when I swam out in that inner tube......

            (She illustrates the next)

....   and took off my old suit, and tossed it away......and I put on the bathing cap, and swam that couple of miles.....when I came back to felt like.....

          (She comes 'onland')

I was reborn!   Almost like it must have felt when the first people landed on these a new life was beginning!  One where I could walk away from all the problems of the past.....Eddie's heart attack, fighting for his disability....losing......going bankrupt.........having to get food from the food bank...where you and I used to volunteer....(hard to say) ...and used to help....people like me....more losing......losing the cars, the house....lots of losing......and .....and then....(she is ecstatic)!

All new!  

           (She takes a deep breath)

I realize that what I did is wrong.   I knew it when I first thought of it.  But sometimes, when your back is firmly against the wall and you realize that wall is where they put you for the firing do things that you never thought you could do.

           (She leans over, very direct)
All these people who come to this land, suddenly I understood why they come.  Because wherever they come from, however they get here, legally me....not so legally.....this country may be like hell sometimes....but it is like heaven for those of us who are dead!

           (She takes her bag and turns to leave, stops, looks back)

And now the question is - are you going to let us live our lives....or are you....going to tell?    

           (End of scene)


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