Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monologue Mania Day #279 by Janet S. Tiger Fear Factor (the other side) Nov. 18, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #279 by Janet S. Tiger  Fear Factor (the other side)  Nov. 18, 2014 

See Day # 278 - these two can be done together

                                         Fear Factor (the other side)
                                      A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

          (A teenage boy runs in, he is sweating and very disheveled.  He waves wildly.)

Hey, I need something fast, nothing alcoholic, I'm driving, do you have like a milk shake?  


All right!  Make it a double!  Yeah, two of them!  And put lots of chocolate syrup in there.  

         (He paces as he waits, wiping his wet head with a sleeve)

Man, I have done some gnarly stuff on my skateboard, you know?  And over in Hawaii, I've surfed super big waves, and I even went out on a blind date one time, that was pretty scary......but today, oh, man, I have never been so frightened in my whole life, not even when I was a kid and my brother told me that there were monsters in the closet who came out at night - I didn't sleep for two weeks!

But this, this is REAL scary stuff!  A couple of times, I thought I was finished!

And I'm not even twenty yet!  It's not fair!  I wanna live!  I wish I hadn’t promised my Mom I’d do this!  But hey, a promise to Mom…..I can’t go back on that……

           (He takes the milk shake and gulps it down fast.)

Brain freeze!  Maybe that'll help and I won't be so afraid any more....

           (He now takes the second shake, pays) 

(Thinks)  Nah, still scary......(looks at his phone)  Hey......gotta go.....

            (He turns to leave, stops, looks back)

What am I doin'?  Can't you figure it out?  Shakin' like a leaf....nerves shot ......stomach is all knotted up......can't you tell, man.....I'm teaching my grandfather to drive!

             (He shudders and exits.  Not the end....of fear!) 





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