Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monologue Mania Day #265 by Janet S. Tiger Election Day Winner Nov. 4, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #265   by Janet S. Tiger    Nov. 4, 2014 

Today is a special one - Election Day AND only 100 days left which means only 100 more monologues - easy peesy (or is it peasy?)  Thanks for coming along for the ride!  Other good news - some of these monologues will be performed at the  AARP Conference - Vital Aging in Southern Oregon Nov. 14-15.  More info soon.


                        Election Day Winner                    
                           A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

              (An older woman comes onstage rolling a wheelchair.  She is limping but smiling)

Let's get going Nurse Chandler, I don't want to miss voting today!


Oh, I do not believe in those mail in ballots!  What if it got lost in the mail?  A ballot is not as important to the Post Office as those catalogues that innundate my mailbox every day!  And if it did get lost, how would I know?

And worse, what if I changed my mind, and learned something about a candidate or an issue and I wanted to vote differently- what happens then?

  I have been voting since I was 21 - and I am not going to stop now just because I am 91!   Seventy years of voting - nothing will stop me now!   No, it is a beautiful sunny day, all right a little chilly, but I will wear a coat and my brand new cowboy boots.

There are several reasons I vote.  One is that I marched with my dear mother and the other suffragettes, years before women had the vote.  I was a little girl, but I have never forgotten those days, and my mothee would tell me that the right to vote was a privilege as well, one that I must never forget.  And I do not intend to forget now.....even if I sometimes forget what day it is, I never forget election day!

          (She turns the wheelchair around)

And why should I stop?  How else does an older person have any power?

You heard me - power!  After all, I am a very powerful person when I vote.  I saw on the news that 21 million young people - people under the age of 30 - young folks who are capable of getting to the polls much more easily than anyone else! - that 21 million of them will not be voting.

So that means, with my one vote, I am more powerful than....21 million people!  One vote!  Worth more than 21 million young people who will not spend the few minutes to study what is going to affect the rest of their lives!  So they have given me, that's right, ME!....  all of their power. 

         (She goes to leave, stops, looks back)

And that is why, on election day, no matter who wins, when I vote, I am the winner!

          (She exits, not the end for voters!)


Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315 
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
Swedenborg Hall 2006-8

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